re: October Challenge

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September 30th, 2012 12:06 am

I was just thinking about polishing up one or more of the prototypes I have laying around into a full-featured, marketable game and putting it up on Google Play.

Accepting this challenge is a little extra motivation to do so this month, and maybe even look into finding a way of selling a PC version of the game.

I’m not sure exactly what game I’m going to do this with yet, though. I’m looking at my previous LD entries as well as some other unpursued prototypes and doing some new-game-brainstorming on the side.

Since I already have an LLC and bank account set up and all the paperwork and waiting that goes with that taken care of, the “selling” aspect of this challenge is at least mostly, if not completely done, and all that remains is finishing a game and advertising it somehow. Will probably also want to beta test, too – although selling an alpha for a larger project might be an option, if I can find something that I can honestly say I’d like to work on long-term, and enough people express interest in playing/buying my unfinished game. Might be good to have a smaller game ready to finish and put to market anyway, just in case.

There’s one idea in particular which I think might have a lot of the right things going for it in terms of marketability and I think would be really cool to work on. The question remains is how much/good of an alpha would I be able to make in less than a month on my ownsome.

So, I’m giving myself another day or two to really work through a few ideas on what to do. This month-long timeframe is nice :) hopefully I make good use of it.

Also, I wish everyone participating in this the best of luck, and hope everyone involved does make a good, honest buck (hopefully more!) off something they’ve made!


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