My October Plans!

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September 30th, 2012 11:39 am


My big Flash game – When Asteroids Attack – just began sponsorship hunting late this month (still September!) and so my dollar should come from that :) *fingers tightly crossed since I’m still pretty new to game sponsorship!*

Level Concept for the "Artistic Chess Player" level

However, the game I’ll be working on in October is finishing up an old Ludum Dare entry. It was for LD18 – Enemies as Weapons – and was called The Adventures of Rubberman! The concept: defeat evil bullies with Rubberman’s bouncy superhero outfit by bouncing their insults right back at them!

I am working on finishing the game up, and the concept has changed quite a bit since then. Back then, Rubberman was a random person who fought the evils of bullying; the new game is entirely focused on the concept of bullying in schools. It features Rubberkid (a kid just like you; you even get to customize the male or female superhero with your own story) as he helps save other children from bullies, and demonstrates multiple types of bullying (from the chess-loving artistic nerd to the sports star to the teachers themselves!), as well as showing why bullying is bad (each child you help will give you a story on what became of them after helping them, and what would have happened if you hadn’t).

As far as earning my dollar goes for The Adventures of Rubberkid, my concept is to reach out to anti-bullying groups and people for sponsorship. I would like to see if they would be interested in paying a bit to get listed, with several tiers of sponsorship (name in credits; logo in credits; logo in main menu; splash screen pre-game). It’s an experiment for sure, but even if it does only make $1, it’s a concept that’s dear to me and so I really want to make the game :)

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