October Challenge Accepted – Vox

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September 29th, 2012 2:44 pm

So I may have jumped the gun a little for the October challenge as I posted my game Vox to Desura a couple of weeks ago and it is already selling and making money…


It is hard for me to believe that I started working on Vox as an entry into a Ludum Dare competition only a few months ago and it seems to have come along so far since then, I am really glad that I got involved in Ludum Dare and I dont think I would have ever made a complete game, that is selling for actual money, without getting involved in LD.

I will continue to use the October challenge time to further gain more insight and knowledge into the business side of making games and use it to learn about different ways to market and monetise a game… and use the challenge as an opportunity to do that side of development, since I am a programmer and my knowledge of such business is limited.

I am also constantly improving and adding new stuff to Vox, (since it is still in pre-alpha stage) so this will take up lots of time too.

I can offer advice for other people wanting to use the Desura publishing route to publish and sell your game as the process was fairly easy for me and it seems the Desura guys really want to create a system where it is easy to sell your indie game.

Good luck guys! :)

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3 Responses to “October Challenge Accepted – Vox”

  1. Jorjon says:

    Hey there! In my personal opinion, the market is already saturated with voxel games. How will you try and make a difference?

  2. Gabriel says:

    Hi, AlwaysGeeky! I remember seeing the first shots of your voxel engine in LD#23. That was my first LD and I was like “oh god, how can such thing be produced in such a short time?”. Then I saw some progress vids from you several weeks later (specially the water demonstration) and was really impressed by where you were getting with your voxel engine. Congratulations, man, really happy to know it really became a commercial game!

    A few weeks ago, I was wondering about this voxel engine of yours, from a technical perspective… I’m not really a 3D programmer, so this is all very mystic to me, but how BIG of a world can your engine support while keeping good performance? Like, could it support something like Minecraft, for example? I have this business / game idea, and was thinking about contacting you… :)

    As for myself, my LD#23 entry (Tiny Shard) ended up faring quite well and I built some confidence. It really is a jam game, not very easy to expand into something else, though… So in this last LD, we here at Pixel Cows built Singularity, a fast paced platformer that was pretty much an excuse to test this procedural level generation ideas I had… It was decently ranked among the jam Overall games, but the best thing is that, like you with your Voxel engine, we came to the other side with something we can actually use in a larger scale game! I’m now transforming Singularity into a broader prototype for The Journey of Eko, our main project (http://www.pixelcows.com/p/the-journey-of-eko.html). And while the intention is to use the knowledge of procedural levels / mechanics combination to our main game, I’m also considering the possibility of using this October Challenge ‘excuse’ and making this prototype into a full game itself… If we do that, I might contact you for some Desura tips 😉

    Anyways, congrats, good luck with sales, and drop me a line on Twitter if you would consider using your voxel engine for some shared project!



    • AlwaysGeeky says:

      Hi Gabriel, thanks for your kind words and your support.

      Well my voxel engine is pretty much infinite world size… so far I haven’t really shown that off in my vids since I like to focus on the gameplay and narrow down the world to make it easier to capture video, but essentially the world generation can go on and on and on in all three dimensions x, y and z (like Minecraft).

      The main limiting factor at the moment is draw distance, since this affects the performance on most PCs, depending on how powerful your PC is, the higher the draw distance you can set.

      Your LD23 entry looked good and your Jourey of Eko seems to be very polished, are you going to be doing the October challenge and trying to make some money?

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