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September 29th, 2012 10:23 am

So apparently little sisters are useful for something after all. What started as her idea for a game: cooking, turned into an interesting concept that is still a concept. I mind as well write it down though.

You play as a “Cooker Girl”, equipped with a frying pan for self defense as you platform through the various environments in search of the ingredients you need to bake a cake: Flour, Milk, and Eggs. The levels are not built to be all that linear as you should spawn someone in the middle of a level, allowing for both horizontal and vertical platforming gameplay that encourages exploration. You will also collect some sort of mini score item similar in purpose to the coins in Mario. Along the way you will battle some sort of creature, I say to myself. What can I add that is dark and evil but still kiddie and lighthearted and still fits in with the theme to a degree? Cartoony slendermen? That’s the plan… for now. xD

This should turn out to be pretty interesting, I’ll make a post once I get something decent and playable released!

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  1. odrega says:

    Your mini score item should be sugar, and you have to collect them all to make the icing for your cake. =)

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