Yeah! Let’s earn $1!

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September 28th, 2012 3:02 am


This challenge falls at the right time for me!

I am nearly done with my game (I have been saying this for two months, the summer break killed my productivity) and I really want to finish it for the 16th of october and spend the rest of the month promoting the game.

I am in the nearly-done-but-still-a-lot-to-do-and-can’t-stop phase and I think I could benefit from any additional energy.

Here’s the work in progress (nearly done I said ha!):

It is a puzzle game a little bit special. I made the website to show the game while working on it. The game may or may not stay on the site, I don’t know yet since I mainly target Kongregate for the Web. (not a big server, you may have to wait)

Here’s the todo list:

  • Integrate the story (I made 8 artworks of arguable quality for the introduction and you will have to unlock them playing the puzzle mode)
  • Create more levels (most of the Puzzle Mode WIP will make it to the final version)
  • Re-order levels by difficulty/concept
  • Improve texts accordingly
  • Create a few help mini-screens to explain how to play
  • Add a few score bonuses ingame (clear every block of one color big bonus, figures bonuses)
  • May be polish a little more some graphics here and there (In particular, I don’t like the GameOver screen)
  • May be polish the bomb option (sound and animation)

And then:

  • Promotional content for stores (screen-shots, blah blah, icons)
  • Release on iOS App store (just for iPad to start)
  • Release on Kongregate (with an ad for the iPad version)
  • Promotional website (on amazon s3, my server is too petty)

And then again:

  • Release on Google Play store for Android… have to buy a tablet… :(
  • Translate in french, probably Spanish and may be Catalan with some help and then possibly to German :)
  • Release something on Google Chrome App store…

I hope to make petty cash with Kongregate’s ad revenue (don’t know if it works for the challenge) and to bring a little bit of attention on the game on tablets too.

I did not asked for any exclusive tip, someone may have some experience with it. But I would like to keep the right to push the game here and there anyway.

The game will sell at level1 on iPad so I have to sell at least 2 units to earn something like 1$.

Android (tablets) will come next at roughly the same price.

Eventually iOS and Android phones if the game precision is not too deteriorated by smaller screens (you have to touch bloblocks).

Some notes about the game’s message:

I tried to pour something special into this game (but it is easy to ignore and just play a hopefully good little puzzle game:).

The game’s message is “introspection is fun”.

I would like Bloblocks’ players to become greater human beings.

We humans are imperfect because of our limited senses and our untruthful brain (our brains are both incredible and terrible).

When we accept the imperfection we can start to integrate the concept into our everyday life.

We think twice. We question our thoughts, behaviors and reactions. We understand people around us better. And pardoning them become easier too.

That’s a way to conquer our lizard brain and stop being afraid of everything and everyone.

And only then we can create a new world, a greater overall humanity because many individuals will be conscious of what they are and willing to learn and improve.

Hell, it may sounds arrogant for a little puzzle game! :)

Anyway the world is full of Bloblocks and the original subtitle was “an introspection with bollocks”!


So… hello, my name’s Laurent Bedubourg, I am an indie game developer, I put my guts on Bloblocks, and I am going to f*cking earn 1$ with this game or I’ll sh*t on the floor!

Best regards

Mr Laurent Bedubourg


EDIT: 2012-10-02 — Focus —

3 Responses to “Yeah! Let’s earn $1!”

  1. Henry McLaughlin says:

    I certainly do applaud your ambition. More ambitious than my goal of “remake this GBA exploration platformer”, anyway.

    I hope it goes well for you! :)

    – Henry <3

  2. 01101101 says:

    As soon as you hit the Play Store, you have my cash! 😀

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