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    October Challenge Hard Mode

    Posted by (twitter: @Sosowski)
    September 28th, 2012 2:53 pm

    Hey, remember when I said that McPixel is coming to Commodore 64? Well, it is!

    And I’m going to use this month to make this happen! I am going to misinterpret the simple 3 points to my disadvantage! Here’s the plan!

    1. Make a C64 game!

    2. Take it to a flea market!

    3. Monetize!

    Wish me luck! It’s been some time since I made something for C64!

    8 Responses to “October Challenge Hard Mode”

    1. goerp says:

      haha, Good luck.
      What a coincidence: in the same week I decided to program on my C64 (the last time must have been two years ago and to be honest on a cross assembler).

    2. mohammad says:

      Is that a 5 shakel coin.
      Israels currency, i see.
      They will not be very happy to see you committed theft from another country.
      Have fun with Israel and their M-16’s.

    3. McFunkypants says:


      Are you using ASM or C?

      Please package the final product as a windows zip containing an emulator for those unlucky few of us who no longer own a C64.

    4. Henry McLaughlin says:

      Hard mode indeed, Sos. Hard mode indeed. Very hardcore, as well.

      I hope it goes well for you!

    5. Canard Sauvage says:

      Shut up and take my money! I can’t wait for it :D

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