October Challenge Go!

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September 28th, 2012 5:06 am

Allright, I’m really pumped for this. I got a basic idea, some mechanics and a monetization concept. One problem is, that my graphic card is currently quite broken, so I hope this gets fixed soon so that I can get into overdrive.

Basic idea: Audiovisual game with emerging Web technologies (Web Audio API and WebGL). I know, it somehow limits the audience to Chrome Users but on the other side it might attract peoples/blogs to look at the tech and what’s possible.

Basically there are multiple stages (at the beginning maybe just two), each in a distinct musical style (probably the first two will be Chip Tunes and Acid Techno) and a distinct visual style. On each stage there will be some mini-games (each about 2 minutes) which will have it’s own musical patterns/melodies. Visually it will be a blend of club visuals and gameplay. Think along the lines of Bit Trip Beat. Both visuals and music react to the gameplay in different ways, so each time you play the game the song will be different (I’m thinking about an export option, to export the audio of a replay as mp3). Achievements will keep you playing but off course you need to sigh up with Facebook first.

Monetization: Google AdSense first, later (and if it really works) In-App purchases for additional content. I also got some other ideas but I will first concentrate on get the game running and attract enough folk to earn some $ with AdSense (already got my account running and producing some $ on YouTube, so at least this is not a problem).

So, these are the basic ideas. If nothing works at least I’ve tried out these two techs that I wanted to try out for a long time :-D. So, let the games begin.

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