October 2012 Resources and Opportunities

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September 27th, 2012 2:21 pm

If you’d like to share a resource or opportunity, post a comment below or send a tweet to @mikekasprzak (or if you prefer e-mail go here).

Opportunities and Contests

  • PC (Windows) – Ultrabook and Windows 8 App Innovation Contest – Pitch your Ultrabook Game/App idea and win one of 300 limited edition Ultrabooks filled with Sensors (touch, accel, GPS, etc)! Then make it and win one of 50 cash prizes ($1000) and potentially one of 8 larger cash prize ($10000, $20000)! Pitches due October 24th and ASAP (early)!
  • Mobile (BlackBerry 10) – $10,000 Guarantee – RIM guarantees all quality certified apps (that earn over $1000) will earn at least $10,000 their first year. RIM pays the difference.
  • Mobile (BlackBerry 10) – Free PlayBook and Marmalade BB license – Free 6 month Marmalade BB license and PlayBook to publish an app for BlackBerry. C++ or HTML5.
  • PC, Mobile, Web – Independent Games Festival – Highly regarded Independent Games event with cash prizes, due October 17th! ($100 Fee)
  • Web (Flash) – Epic Flash Game Contest – Build Player.io Multiplayer Flash Games with Micro-transactions and win one of 10 Cash and CS6 prizes. Due February 18th
  • All – Sellbox – Sell from your Dropbox or Google Drive Account. Deal: 1% Fee! *NEW*

Launching Soon

  • PC (Win8/WinRT) – Windows 8 – Integrated store. Launching October 26th! ($49 year)
  • Mobile (WP8) – Windows Phone 8 – RTM was Sept 14th. Estimated launch November 2012

Marketplaces (Mobile)

  • Mobile (Apple) – iOS App Store – iPhone, iPod touch, iPad ($99 year)
  • Mobile (Android) – Android Marketplace – Android phones and tablets ($25 Fee)
  • Mobile (Android) – Amazon App Store – Amazon Fire Tablet (First year free, $99 year?)
  • Mobile (BlackBerry) – Appworld – PlayBook Tablet and BlackBerry 10 phones (SDK)
  • Mobile (WP8) – Windows Phone 8 – TBD
  • Mobile (PS Vita, Other) – PlayStation Mobile – Target the PS Vita, Phones, Tablets with C#

Marketplaces (PC)

  • PC (Windows & Mac) – Steam Greenlight – Community voted PC Distribution ($100 Fee)
  • PC (Windows & Linux) – Desura – PC Game and Mod storefront with a Steam-like client
  • PC (Windows) – Intel AppUp – Windows and Ultrabook Apps
  • PC (Windows) – Indie City – Indie Games portal from Blitz Games
  • PC (Win, Mac, Linux) – Indievania – No Cost Indie Game Portal (just Paypal fees)
  • PC (Win, Mac, Linux, Android) – Gameolith – Download store with many options

Marketplaces (Web)

Portals w/ Ad share



Hardware Surveys


15 Responses to “October 2012 Resources and Opportunities”

  1. MortalWombat says:

    Does the October Challenge include creating the game in that month or is it simply about selling any game even if previously made?

    I haven’t really been able to gather that information on my own as “http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/challenge/ isn’t very helpful at the moment (and anybody else seems to know what exactly the challenge is about 😉

    After the last LD it really itches me again to develop something so I think I’ll be participating.
    Anyway, thanks in advance for the answer!

  2. Henry McLaughlin says:

    Actually, FGL is taking HTML5 games now. They even have a section for them: https://www.fgl.com/browse_games_by_req.php?devview=1&req=html5

  3. Drabiter says:

    How about services like Game Jolt and Static Void Games? you can earn money too from ads. Or they dont meet criteria?

  4. mohammad says:

    Wheres steam?

  5. Deozaan says:

    So is it just me or does Indievania not allow developers to create accounts or upload games anymore?

  6. kddekadenz says:

    You may want to add the list of Indie resources of pixel prospector: http://www.pixelprospector.com/indie-resources/
    The admin is currently working on a marketing guide for indie games (he states that it was 95% done 3 months ago).

  7. nosfer says:

    Another oportunity : http://alljoynappchallenge.com/ . https://www.alljoyn.org/about . I think I might try this

  8. panda says:

    For mobile, there is also Windows Phone 7.5. The website is: http://dev.windowsphone.com/
    Windows Phone 8 isn’t quite there yet, but if you write something for WP7 then I’d expect you can sell it for WP8 phones once they come out, too.

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