Bus Stop – Day 3

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September 23rd, 2012 10:34 pm

EDIT: OMG I said game instead of not-game.

Things are going swimmingly for my little “real-time not-game”. The animations were the hardest thing to code because most of the code is just timers. You can actually get on the bus now, so tomorrow I can just polish things and add some fun stuff.

When you start it will give you the estimated time until the next bus. If you are there to click the button you can board it, otherwise the program tells you that you missed it. It will have random traffic go by. The following are mostly things I will add if I have time.


-Add a Real Time day-night cycle

-Add random pedestrians and/or people who wait for the bus with you

-Add more random vehicles

-Add more sounds

-Character animations

-Mute button (your guy puts in headphones and won’t hear anything, including the bus)


Also I have pics!

I plan to have all graphics attributed to myself. I took the photo, I drew the cartoons and I traced a photo of a bus.

That bus stop is like 3 blocks from my house.

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  1. mattchu says:

    This is looking appropriately not-gamey. If there are funny interactions with pedestrians and other bus-goers, I’m sold.

    Oh, since the window and buttons look kind of odd, what are you programming in? Or maybe it’s a system thing? Linux maybe (I’ve used Mac and Windows a lot, but not a whole lot of Linux other than a brief stint with Ubuntu)?

    • mattchu says:

      Well, apparently I’m more tired than I realize. I don’t know why I thought those buttons looked odd. >.>

      Still interested in what you’re programming in though.

      • Connors says:

        First off, I’m programming it on a Mac with Silver Creator which you probably have not heard of, I ought to say something about SC in my next post. So those are the Mac style buttons. I think the buttons will look different if I test it on Windows. If I have time today maybe there will be a guy asking for change or even some VOICE ACTING! But time constraints and all that. Chances are I’ll add things after the compo is done since it’s going so well. 😛

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