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Tempest enters Mini, with Chameleon

Posted by
September 22nd, 2012 12:08 am

I’m In

I’m be working on a simulation of adaptation (featuring a chameleon-like mechanic) along with secondary “time” feature. In my mind I have weather/temperature being a factor.

Not Game Theme

There will be no win condition, and therefore not be a game. It will be a growth simulator of the character(s) based on some environment factors and user decisions/choices/skill. When the end condition is met, the character is “released” into the environment (possibly encountered by other players?), and the player is prompted to create a new character.

Time Theme

I’d like to have the environments be representative of different locations worldwide, and their current weather/temperature. This would remove a random generation component (which would otherwise be used), and instead base the encountered environments on real world, real-time events.


I’ll be using Unity and using my existing C# WebCam wrapper.

I may be using a REST server (Zend PHP) if the “time” theme requires third-party APIs or data persistence. This will be utilizing a REST framework already in place and ready for Unity apps to extend.

I will probably use Inkscape for a bit of character art and Gimp for some textures.

I will probably not have time for audio, but may try to reach out to an interested party to contribute for background music.



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