How is Love 2D?

September 22nd, 2012 8:28 am

Hello there again devs, I am back to ask yet another question.

One of the reasons why my Ludum Dare entry totally tanked- other then my first entry tanked and so what I submitted I really made in 5 hours instead of 48- was that one needed python and pygame to play it. Most of the comments were about how I should have made an executable and to not use python. Therefore, I pondered upon it, and since I was looking to learn a new language or two anyway, I decided the best course for my coding future would be to expand my portfolio, so to speak. I was looking into different programming and scripting languages, all kinds of libraries and engines, and came across a cute little game engine called Love 2D. From what I could gather, Love 2D was a completely open source game library and engine that used Lua as a scripting language. I thought that that was kind of cool, and I was attracted to Love 2D. I have had previous experience with Lua, but I’m not sure if it even counts. 3 years ago, when I was even younger, I played this online game called ROBLOX. ROBLOX was a game-making game- that’s the way I’d put it- a sandbox/ building game that even had Lua scripting built in. I thought it was pretty cool. I had also seen via skimming through some Ludum Dare blog posts, that quite a couple of us devs had used it in the compo. I just was interested in how good Love 2D was, if you had any problems with it, advice on where to look for documentation and tutorials, what Love 2D is capable of, etc.

Just wanted input from the game jam community ‘is all.

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  1. fr_automatik says:

    Love is a great framework ! ( I don’t know how Roblox work, but Löve don’t have any official IDE, though . You write the code in an text editor)
    I think the most awesome thing made with love is mari0 :
    The best way to know if löve is a good tool is to test it, anyway.

    The official doc is here :
    Get started page :

  2. Puzzlem00n says:

    I use Love2D myself, and sometimes I show up around the forums, although I haven’t been over there in a while. (School is in the way lately.) While it can be a bit confusing to get started with, and the wiki is very misleading on some of the pages, it’s an amazing framework and it’s great for LD, too. Scripting languages like Lua and python are a breeze to debug, after all.

    So, I recommend that, while you should check the wiki for some obvious things, the forums are the best place to learn what you need to know. Maybe you’ll see me around. (And, as an example of what the wiki doesn’t get across correctly, I’ll tell you that when you need to make a build for mac, there are dependencies that need to be added and the wiki doesn’t cover how to do it, so be aware of that.)

  3. SiENcE says:

    If you want to use it for Compos like LD use also the Love2d-Webplayer runtime =>

  4. Nsmurf says:

    Löve2d is a great framework. It takes a while to get used to, but once you understand it, it is very easy to use. I suggest you try it out!

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