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September 22nd, 2012 4:47 am

First of all, I describe the not-game I’m going to make. :)



You are a ~23 years old guy who works at an international company as a sysadmin, earning ~130 000 HUF a month. The goal is simple: save ~150 000 HUF for a usable computer which the guy could use for software development and playing games. But there is a twist!

  • The guy can’t start saving for the new computer until he repaid his student’s loan (~300 000 HUF).
  • He must pay the bills and give money to his mother, father and sister for all of them are unemployed; and of course, he has to pay some services for himself.
  • By the time, several events make the guy’s salary to decrease, but it will never increase. If you find a way to play the game really well, your salary will lessen accordingly.

Practically, you should never be able to win – or if you do win, then many years have passed and your achievement will become flat. Just like in real life. 😉 Good luck! :p

I’m trying to approach this topic in a satirical-sarcastic way, and I really hope I’ll succeed in this. Some previous experiences showed that even when I intend to be sarcastic, I still end up being too bitter. But my trust is in the medium, then – hence “not-game“: it’s not a requirement to be games & joys.



You go to work all days and do several tasks. These tasks might increase or decrease your demotivation, depression and hunger. Of course you should keep these levels low. The lower your demotivation is, the more tasks you can do. At the beginning of each month, you get your salary. I’m thinking that a time flow should be increased so that you take one week or month at once, but I’m not sure if I’ll do that.


Art style

N/A.  Nah, seriously, I can’t do art, so expect some really primitive figures and a lot of text. Most likely, my game will be Deliberately Monochrome.



I use FlashDevelop to write ActionScript code. Most likely, I’m going to reuse some classes from my other game, MegaFillers Flash, which is not released yet. These classes help me to create panels, menus, buttons and other controls quickly and easily. You can download them here. (Some of them have depedencies which I can’t publish for they are too specific for my upcoming game, such as the GameContent class.)


Not sure if I’ll be able to make it within 2 days, considering I’m slow like hell, and I should finish my other game too – glad it’s only a Mini Ludum Dare which allows me to be late. 😉

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  1. headchant says:

    based on a true story? 😀

  2. Jorjon says:

    sounds like a cool strategy game. maybe a little ambitious yes, for 48 hours. but don’t forget the submission is open until october!

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