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September 21st, 2012 5:46 am

So! I’m making a multiplayer game! Where you have to register!

So. It’s my first time making anything online. I’m using Construct Classic. I can load data from the web (Dropbox :P), but I have no idea how to update it there.


  1. Dropbox-based server can only be updated from my computer. Yours won’t be able.
  2. The information you pass to me must be secure. At least username and password.
  3. I came with an idea of YOU making a dropbox file, where you will pass me whatever is needed. Including username and password. Again, security. I don’t know Dropbox well, it seems you can privately give me files using it.
  4. I don’t think I’ll be able to make an automatic information reciever in time. I can at least track which files were updated, but I’ll have to read them manually. It can be in the post-compo thought.
  5. Graphics. The not-game I make requires TONS of graphics. I’m not sure if I will need any help, but if I will, is there someone who can draw with computer better than me and willing to help me?
  6. I just thought that no password is okay. Because everything you do (until there is an automatic reader) will pass through me, and I can see if you are the owner of the profile. But there will be no privacy this way (But the kind of game I make doesn’t suppose privacy).

So… You are not forced to help, but the quality and user-friendliness of my game will be dependent on the amount of your help.

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  1. KevinWorkman says:

    Making a multiplayer game without knowing how to deal with a registration system is a pretty large undertaking. You might be biting off more than you can chew in one weekend (or just over a week since the submission is open longer).

    This is just my $0.02, but remember: people are *really* lazy. They don’t even like to read in-game directions, let alone figure out how to upload files to your server or send you files or anything like that.

    Instead, what I might recommend is some kind of a backend- can you use jsp? What about a database? That way you could store usernames and (hashed) passwords and whatever else you need. Might be more than a weekend project depending on what you’re already familiar with.

    If you can’t do that, then why require registration at all? Can’t you make everyone be guests? Or come up with some predefined accounts and let people use them?

    Also, about your request for graphics- welcome to the world of game programming. Artists probably won’t just give you stuff for free without some kind of payment or promise of success- think about it from their perspective- would you want to program a game for an artist before you saw any art he created? Hooray programmer art.

    • Madball says:

      In fact, on the programming side I already made everything but sending information to the database. If you somehow have an account, you already can log in, see your profile, even the in-not-game messages.
      Making everybody be guests won’t go. Because you need to store progress. Sharing is not required, but storing…
      I just got an idea. Thank you.

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