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September 20th, 2012 12:37 pm

Oh, so the voting has finished… Let’s look at my result ! With comments !

  • Bronze Coolness 67% : Hey, so 1 rating!=1% Because I have rated about 45 games….
  • #76 Overall 3.63 : Woooooooo … OMAGAD I’M 76th on 1406 GAMES I’M …
  • #77 Fun 3.51 : Having 133 kittens trying to kill is fun.
  • #86 Humor 3.16 : Oh yeah. Kittens . They do everything for you !
  • #152 Mood 3.10 : Uh. I though It was impossible to make a moody game with humor, apparently I was wrong.
  • #161 Audio 3.06 : Uh, again . Just using autotracker-bu and bfxr can give you a good rating . (But I wish I was better at SunVox) .
  • #275 Graphics 3.17 : The graphics were simple pixel-art, and apparently, it worked .
  • #364 Innovation 2.86 : Ok, it was just another rogue-like, after all .
  • #647 Theme 2.09 : Oh. I think we have here my main failure , and here is why :
Suppose you wake up, find-out Evolution was the chosen one . In France, here, LD 24 started at 2h so the best option was to simply sleep during the night then find the right idea in the morning . The problem was that I have a really poor imagination when it comes to game design .
10 hours or so, and I don’t have any idea yet . So I took my shower . Taking your shower give you ideas, I don’t know why but that’s like this .
 There is something that I didn’t want to do, was these games where you are a bacteria who eat smaller bacterias, and get eaten by bigger bacteria . I wanted something original … So I took the sum of E,V,O,L,U,T,I,O, and N translate into number and got 133 . Then I did a game based on the theme “133“.
Sure, It’s original, but now, I think that was a bad idea because there is so much games that actually made an evolution-related game. Some with an interesting take on the theme, some which are pure fun, some with humor
I then made some games in the last month, they aren’t finished, or polished. It look like I suddently rediscovered the joy of coding.
Also, I will be in MLD37 ! 😀 I’ll do a sandbox game.
Things learned :
  • Take your time to find the idea .
  • Don’t make personal libs if you are fast, it’s too easy -> not fun.
  • Try to be better each time at each points. If you are bad at graphics, try to be better at this .

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