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The Monster Factory Project

September 18th, 2012 10:57 am

Hello fellow Indie-Devs! I wanted to post and let you all know about a Project I am working on called “The Monster Factory!” Now I know that the not-so-glamorous life of an idie dev constitutes a thin wallet with barely enough money to scrape by and buy the next can of Mountain Dew that fuels our efforts… but I am not asking for much! The Monster Factory is a project I am doing to raise money for the Gift of Adoption fund.  A righteous endeavor, no? I am using (not sure if that was a good or a bad idea yet) to facilitate the purchases, so the price for a monster is $5 bucks.  Out of that $5 pockets $1.00, I pay myself $3.00 (Working for 3-9 bucks an hour here… nothing glamorous!) and $1.00 goes to the GoA fund.  You also have the option to donate an extra 5 or 10, all of which goes to the GoA fund.  So if you want a monster draw for anything, please check it out! You then own the little guy and can do whatever you want with him! Got a pixel video game character you want me to draw? Got a character you wanna see in my style? Or do you just want to adopt a little monster to then in turn help donate money to the Gift of Adoption fund because you have a golden heart inside your little indie developer self?

What you get as a result is a high res image with a transparent background (Hell, if you want the .fla source as well id give it to you! I just know most people would not know what to do with a .fla) and you get a YouTube video of me drawing your monster.  Kinda cool right? Here are a few examples of what I have done so far:

(Click on them to link to their YouTube videos)

Thanks for your time! Check out the project here:

The Monster Factory Project


2 Responses to “The Monster Factory Project”

  1. DaveDobson says:

    Hi, there –

    I really love your art style! Would it be OK with you if I ordered something like 13-15 of these? I have a boardgame design I’ve been working on that uses monsters, and your guys would be perfect for it. I didn’t want to overwhelm your queue without asking. I’m also happy to throw in some extra charity $ as well. Let me know if that would work.

    I’d also be happy to arrange this separately from your charity fundraising as well as a contract if it’s too many at once. Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]


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