The Highbred Pixel – Post Mortem

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September 17th, 2012 11:26 am

Time to wrap it up with a little summary!

This time the theme was Evolution. Of course, like many others i had ideas popping all over, but i decided to break it down, and keep it simple. Unlike my last LD, where i started off with the animations before anything else, i brainstormed the idea, tested some mechanics, and mapped out a level draft.

The Art – Shortly after i made an interesting choice. I decided to, in order to cut down dev time, to not make specific art sprites. That might sound bold, and no, i didnt buy them instead! About 90% of the art in the game is purely made out of colored boxes – and personally, i think it worked out pretty nice!

The concept – So on to the concept itself. At the beginning, i was like, this should be fine, and i definitely should be able to make it in time! Of course, i didnt. The main concept is that the player starts out as a pixel. You are inside a sort of pixel breeding facility/factory, and you just happen to have some.. unique powers! How original eh. Well, the player must progress throughout the facility, and quickly shows that the strongest sure do survive.

At a certain point in the game, the pixel evolves. This was however not as intended. The process of evolving was supposed to be a much greater task, but due to limited time, i had to severely cut it down – which is reflected in the game.

Results – But in the end, i’m happy with it! And thats what’s important. I got to explore a new kind of way to create art assets, and set the mood, as well as scratching the surface regarding some pretty cool gameplay mechanics. If anything, i would love to go back and improve the controls, as they are.. far from optimal – but it is doable.

Looking forward to the next LD!

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