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September 17th, 2012 9:12 am

Hello everyone!

Even though I did not finish my LD entry, it still was pure fun, and if next LD will be just half as awesome as this one was, I can only look forward to it!

However, I got a question: Is it okay to help a friend with testing games?

Moreover, here are three ideas of mine in order to make this site a litte bit cooler:

Show the name of the game or the author in the website title.
When testing games, your browsers history will become full of “Ludum Dare” entries. You cannot see what game the specific url was, so implementing that would structure things more (at least I think so).

Show a list of submitted games on the author’s profile site.
That would be quite useful imo, because it gives you the ability to easily take a look at all the… well games a person has submitted ^^

Add a link to the author’s profile page on the page of a game.
We already can take a look at the posts a person has written during the specific competition, but I think it would help to be able to see the persons whole profile too.


Let me know what you think of these. If admins have time and motivation and think any or all of these proposals are worth some coding, the life if all of us could be made a little bit easier! 😉

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  1. hamster_mk_4 says:

    Regarding “Show a list of submitted games on the author’s profile site.” You can view all the author’s blog entries by putting their name after author in the URL:

    If the author was good about blogging their progress (or at the very least a “I’m done” entry) there will be a link to each game they finished in this page. I got confused at first when I clicked my journal and was taken to this link:

    Which only shows the blog entries made during this competition.

  2. I agree with your ideas, a list of all a person’s games would be cool!

    I think other people can test a game (I had my friend test my game on a different operating system so I knew it worked)

  3. AyCe says:

    @hamster_mk_4: You’re right. But what about a person that’s not that active?

    @RobProductions: Thanks for an answer to my question! ^^

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