EvolveLarry the aftermath

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September 17th, 2012 12:41 am

There are tons of really great submissions (still playing them). There are way too many to manage between work and stuff. :)

I wanted to post something about my LD24 submission Evolve Larry.  I approached my third LD attempt with a personal task:

“To make a playable iPhone/Mobile game that I could do in 48 hours and submit to the Apple App Store shortly after.”

Here’s how that went…

– Came up with the idea quickly and went for it right away. I started sketching and building the game mechanics in the second or third hour and was done with the overall gameplay by Friday night. I took some LD advice I had read (can’t remember who posted it) about having the gameplay basically finished by the first night.
– I had all of the sketches and  placeholders in place and by Saturday I relaxed a little and spent extra time drawing all of Larry’s Evolve steps in Illustrator and Photoshop. Then the food items, the backgrounds, the maps, the icons, the GUI. The whole day was gone but I was almost there.
– On Sunday, I crammed to fix bugs, make the sounds/music, polish the gameplay and get all the screen shots and testing finished.
– The music was hammered out in about 45 minutes using Reaper. The music is just randomly selected pieces played in small sections. Some of the sounds I made using an iPhone app with my own voice in the last hour.
– I managed to submit on time and had some hosting issues. I have to remember to do some testing on this earlier.

Overall I think the game was playable and semi polished, although the game mechanic was super simple. There is nothing much to the game besides catching stuff to feed Larry and keeping Larry from eating the wrong things. Still, it was working in Unity and on the iPhone as well just fine. So my goal was complete!

Aftermath: Ok, so now I had to cram to get this thing ready for the App Store. I took advice from comments and friends and quickly revamped the graphics and gameplay to make it more challenging. Here’s what I was able to do:

– Add combinations you had to feed Larry for him to Evolve.
– Added more foods items.
– Added more sounds and tighter graphics, GUI, etc.
– Added Facebook and Twitter share features using Prime31 plugins
– Added AdWhirl ads , well, just to see if I could do it.

I’ll be submitting it this week. Will post more later and a link to the App Store page!
You can check out the original Evolve Larry here.

Thanks for the support and the awesome games! 

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