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September 16th, 2012 11:22 am

Just like last LD, here comes my last minute recommendation post !

I’ve rated a little more than 100 games. To be honest, I liked LD23’s theme a little better (Evolution was a bit too vague for my taste), but still there were many great entries !

Here are my favorites (no particular order) :



Darwinphony – philosophistry – 48 Hour Compo Entry

This is a very creative entry. It’s not very much of a game, more of a music experiment. You paint creatures on the map with the “reproduce” brush, then you put some turtles on the ground. As they swirl around, the creatures touch the turtles and make sounds. Sometimes you get different creatures, that make different sounds. You can remove some creatures with the bird brush to get the melody you like !

Finally, there are 4 different maps (click Darwin to see them) that can produce a different athmosphere for your music.

A nice little program to play around with, and the graphics are charming !




Parental Guidance – Maple – 48 Hour Compo Entry

I rated this one 5 on the mood category, because it is set perfectly. You play a little kid who’s left alone on his appartment. What happened to his parents ? This is what you’ll discover.  As you walk around the rooms of the appartment, switch the lights and read the comments of the boy, the situation evolves and everything gets scarier and scarier…




life, undeath – Zillix – 48 Hour Compo Entry

A very well executed little game. It only takes a few minutes, and it’s very fun ! Zombies have invaded the city. The rescue team will arrive in 3 days so you have to survive till then. Kill zombies, upgrade stuff with the money they drop and rush to your safeplace at sunset. But zombies evolve during the night, so don’t let the stronger ones live.




Super Clew Land – Team Clew – Jam Entry

It really looks like a NES game ! This is an amazingly well-polished entry. This is a platformer game where you play a little green creature that is not very powerful at first. But you eat stuff, and it gives you proteins to evolve. As you play, you try to match the proteins of the creatures you’ve eaten to the patterns you need on the little puzzle-game you find on the right. And when it’s done, you gain a new ability.




Coin-Operated Afternoon – Pierrec – Jam Entry

I rated 5 in innovation, because you won’t find two entries like this one ! This is a dialog game, and what makes it special is that it’s animated in stop-motion. It’s a huge download but it’s worth every minute of it. There are a lot of possibilities in the dialogs (15 different endings !), so there are a lot of animations to see. Highly recommend it !




Dawn – SteelRaven7 – 48 Hour Compo Entry

I discovered this entry thanks to the post-mortem posted earlier, and I’m glad I did, it’s a solid entry with a great ending, perfectly in the theme. This game is a lot about crafting stuff and discovering things for yourself. As it is quite easy to get stuck, I’ll give you a few tips. In the game, you collect things. When you don’t know what to do you can :

– think, with [Z]. Sometimes the character will combine some of the objects you carry.

– find the elements in the landscape that stand out (there aren’t many), and when you do, try to interact with them using the different objects you carry with [X]. Use [C] to select another object.




Martha Z. – Sachka – 48 Hour Compo Entry

This game has a quite unique graphic style, very immersive. What’s brilliant is that you never see the main character, only her shadow. Worth the look.




Death Death Evolution – Adhesion – Jam Entry

An amazingly polished game with unique mechanics. The music is great and the graphics are excellent.

It’s a puzzle platformer game. You play a little blue fox. To beat the levels, you’ll have to evolve. But how ? Each time you die, you evolve, and the way you die determines your evolution. For instance, if you die from a fall, you’ll have double jump. So it’s all about finding the right way to die…




Sidescroller Evolution – Kassoon – Jam Entry

Another game with a fox, but this one isn’t blue ! This game is more classic, it’s a game where you run, but what’s great about it is its atmosphere, very peaceful… Sweet graphics and nice music.




Psychiatric Evaluation – ConflictiveLabs – Jam Entry

A surprising game, where you evolve in the same place (a psychiatric hospital) switching between different perspectives. The more mad you get, the more you see the world through an old videogame graphics (the worst situation being a text-based game), the more sane you get, the more colors and details you get.

This is such a BRILLIANT idea to link stages of sanity to the stages of the evolution of video games, because when you switch to the text-based perspective from the color detailled one you really feel confused about your environement and limited in your options, you feel trapped in your head.

In other words, this game really succeeds in making you feel like the character you’re playing is supposed to feel. This is very rare and it’s done in such an elegant way.





Finally, if you’d like to try our game, here it is !


Lucas’s Quest Backwards – Volute – Jam Entry

It’s a story about a guy from the future who tries to find self-fulfillment in going back in time to live with his ancestors. How hard can that be ? It has platformer sequences.


Thanks for reading :)

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