Some stats :D

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September 16th, 2012 6:24 am

So ! It was a great ludum dare. Really… But I’m a little bit disappointed about the lack of votes and comments of my game, Disease. I received only 9 comments for 24 votes; but the game has been started 428 times, and only two players has finished it (in easy mode, me and a very patient player ^^)…

My game is really… hard. It’s true. I had no time to create some in-game help… Look : there was around 20’000 monsters for 428 players, that’s really … too much ! The map is too really big (138 rooms) and is very boring.

♪♫ To my mind, the best thing in my game is the music. You can listen it now ! Just click here♪♫

And you can also play to my game :) Just click the image below 😀

And I will be very happy if you comment / vote on the submission page 😉 


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  1. To get more votes, try voting on more games yourself. It helps your “coolness” rating which makes your game show up on more people’s screens. Not saying whether this is a good or a bad thing… just how it works at the moment.

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