Rating Rescue Rangers

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September 14th, 2012 1:21 pm

PS: If there are any troubles with the list, or you have feature request or opinions, let me know in the comments. I really want to make this an easy way to rate low-rating games.

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  1. michax says:

    Haha good one!

  2. Miltage says:

    They only have so little votes because the creators haven’t voted on anything themselves. This competition is a two way street, you have to give in order to receive.

    • fruitfly says:

      well; another reason might be that the game is not a self-contained exe or something similar. the first low-rated game i clicked on was a python game stating in the description that you need to have python with the pygame lib installed. pyexe would have helped to get a higher exposure and i guess it would be similar for other runtimes.

      • Dietrich Epp says:

        Actually, no. It turns out that leaving a comment counts as a rating, which is how you let the developer know “it won’t work on my system” and at the same time it gets the game off of your “rate some games” page. All of the games I clicked on on the list had a coolness of 0, although I was starting from the top.

        • fruitfly says:

          not sure what you are arguing…
          leaving a comment that the game does not work, won’t change yours or his coolness. its no rating, its a comment.

          • Dietrich Epp says:

            Are you sure? I have a coolness of 111, but I know for a fact that I have rated only 110 games. The other game, “infected cell”, crashed so I left a comment without rating it. Doing so increased my coolness and increased the rating count for “infected cell”.

            • Ragzouken says:

              There are two comments boxes, the one at the bottom is the normal one, and I think the other one is comments for your rating – so if you click “save” you will attach a comment to your blank ratings, you need to use the other box. (I think)

    • Gjarble says:

      As a college student who, as usual, has been unable to play other games due to time constraints, I urge you to make no assumptions about why those with 0 coolness have not rated any games. Ludum Dare is held at 3 of the most inconvenient times of the year for me- I guess my postmortem was enough to get me off the Rescue Rangers list this time.

  3. Canard Sauvage says:

    I will use the rest of the weekend to help rescue these games! Every game made for the ld deserves to be played, it doesn’t matter that much if the creators haven’t voted. They made a game in 48h and put a lot of effort into this :) As for me, I had little time since the end of the compo, so I only could rate like 20 games. And I think there are others which had no time to rate games, but their games still deserve to be rated.

  4. Will have a look through the list tonight :)

  5. Dietrich Epp says:

    These — these are the games with packaging problems, at least a good chunk of them. I can’t play any Windows or Linux games at the moment, but…

    Survivor — you must have Xcode installed, so you can compile the game and run it under the iOS simulator! Wow! (Okay, only a minor problem for me, but…)

    Selection Sort — “The linux source code is provided below.” That’s what it says, but no, there is no link to a game. No use rating a game you can’t play.

    Evolving Cubes — I remember I already installed CMake to play a game for the Liberated Pixel contest, but that’s my desktop which is about 8000 km away at the moment. I’m not installing CMake just to figure out if maybe the game will run on my laptop.

    Icarus: the Evolution of Flight “Due to crappy internet conditions, we haven’t been able to upload our game yet. :(” I see no reason that this shouldn’t be outright disqualified at this point…

    Karl No problem running the JAR for me, and surprisingly it is a whole game with a soundtrack and everything. Not sure why it only has a few scores.

  6. jprogman says:

    Some of those low-rated games are either a) on a different machine than mine’s b) non-executable as in source-only downloads or actual loading glitches or c) download links are broken. I do spend a majority of my time testing low-rated games, but many of them are the ones that I cannot play due to the reasons explained above.

  7. RawBits says:

    I was into playing low-rated games but there are reasons for them to be like that as jprogman stated them before me. And I’m gonna add that the creators of those games rated a nice round 0 number of other games plus they weren’t social throughout the whole LD…

  8. mohammad says:

    I wanted to do this so bad and make a compilation of the best games on Ludum into one big game, But then this came up so I was like meh.

  9. Noble Kale says:

    Playing through a few of them for mini-reviews (notes here: http://noblekale.com/zone/node/323 ). Good way to get some extra eyeballs on the lower ranking games, thanks.

  10. voxel says:

    Sos this picture does not include Gadget, please fix.

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