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September 14th, 2012 6:52 pm

A few things I’ve been up to since…


Pretty new real time Shadows!


People seemed to think that the game was a good idea and that they wanted to see where it would go. Well let me tell you; I’m planning on taking the game to completion, hopefully releasing it on Steam or something.


I’ve been up to a bunch of stuff, new graphics (more to come), better collision, more levels, analytics (playtomic right now but probably going to change that) I’m currently working on adding a scripting language into the game engine I’m writing. I want to be able to script from within the Level Editor (Tiled) that I’m using.

My first thought was to use Lua. There’s a nice java lua project out there (here) however I wasn’t really super sold on the idea since I’ve used Groovy at work and I know it pretty solidly I leaned more towards using it.  Using Groovy meant though that porting to Android will most likely not be an option anymore. I’m guess I’m  not super concerned with that though, maybe if Ouya is any good I’ll regret that decision, but as for an Android version I don’t think that the game would work at all with crappy touch screen controls. Anyways, I ended up going with groovy; so we’ll see how that turns out.

Ultimately I’d like to release a level editor that would let people create their own levels for the game, so I think having a custom scripting language inside the game would really help.

As for the controls…

People seemed to be confused by the controls in the game; which I would have to agree weren’t the best. My original idea was to use the mouse to drag a square over the Blocks you wanted to mate. However due to the fact that it wasn’t working and the deadline was approaching I bailed on that solution. Now that I have more time I can get that to work, although I have to say I’ve grown attached to the way it is. I’m hoping there’s a way to have the best of both worlds; any suggestions are welcome 😀

People also noted that switching between the blocks was confusing so I’ve changed that around a bit, instead of pressing “e” or “q” to switch between the blocks I’ve made it so each block will have a number that is displayed above it, which will correspond to the 1-0 keys on the keyboard. If you press that number you switch to that block. It also means that the total number of blocks you can have on the screen is 10 at any point in time, but I think that this is a little easier to understand/ know where you’re going to switch to.

Anyhoo so concludes this update 😀

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