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    Codename E

    Posted by (twitter: @AhNinniah)
    September 14th, 2012 8:50 am

    We didn’t manage to complete the game on time. That’s why we’ve just finished and released it today. The result is:

    Codename E

    Codename E
    Program the robot’s behavior. Guide him through all the obstacles to the exit. Collect all of the modules to extend its functionality.

    How to play
    In the command input window (> _) sequentially enter commands to move the robot. The list of available commands appears in the RTFM. All commands have the following form – AAX, AA where two-letter command, X parameter of the function (from 1 to 9. Typically, the number of tiles to move).

    For example, to move the robot forward for 5 tiles, enter MF5. Need to type all the commands to complete a level. Limit – 15 commands.

    We used:
    Programming Language: Monkey
    Framework: Flixel for Monkey
    Graphics editor: Inkscape
    Level Editor: DAME
    Sound editor: Bfxr
    Music editor: GarageBand for iPad

    After the competition the game has changed little. Bugs were fixed, interface was finalized and sounds were added.

    You can play flash-version of the game here – http://lab.devolonter.ru/games/ld24/codename-e.html

    What went wrong

    – We spent a lot of time choosing the plot
    – Even longer we were choosing visual style
    – We didn’t have enough experience working with tiles
    – We were very tired

    5 Responses to “Codename E”

    1. sfernald says:

      I really like this game.

      I used to have a Big Trak as a kid (an electronic toy robot from the 80s) and I used to program it the same way. Brings back fond memories.

    2. Kalabasa says:

      I can’t type in the command window.

      • AhNinniah says:

        It’s strange. Before submit we tested the game. You can try to download and run the direct swf file –

      • Cake&Code says:

        I had the same problem, it’s more like it only accepts input sometimes! If I keep spamming a key it won’t go, but if I tap it occasionally it’ll eventually get accepted.

        I even noticed that trying to press a key in time with the glowing cursor seemed to work better. Very strange.

        AS FOR THE GAME ITSELF, I’ve played many games where you program a robot (Colobot, Light-Bot, MindRover, etc) to do a task and this one felt a bit empty. Only three commands? The levels also seemed to lack variety and were unchallenging.

        I think with a bit more variety and excitement the mechanics would work really well. Maybe go give Light-Bot a play (http://www.kongregate.com/games/Coolio_Niato/light-bot) to learn from its successes and mistakes.

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