FOR THE darWIN! Post-Mortem

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September 12th, 2012 2:25 pm

FOR THE darWIN – Jam Entry

The Idea

Before starting to come up with ideas, we sat down and wrote a list of what we were NOT going to do. By determining early on, what we were not going to do, it greatly helped narrow the scope of the idea. The biggest things we decided was that we would not do anything related to character evolution (leveling up, gaining powers, etc). That threw out a ton of ideas we were spitballing. Over a bowl of ramen, Nolan and I started brainstorming a game where you played Darwin, and had to discover evidence of evolution. As soon as we connected this idea to fast paced Match-3 style mechanics, we were set.

Code, Travis Chen (@TravisChen)

Most important thing here is to use what you’re comfortable with. For me, that’s Flixel. When I’m making game jam games, I dedicate more than half of my time to tuning and polishing the gameplay and user experience. Being comfortable is key so you can get to polishing and refining the experience as quickly as possible. Below is the code and also a game jam template I’ve created for future games:

The code for the project can be found here: Github: FOR THE darWIN!

Template project, I’ll continue to refine this: Github: Flixel Game Jam Template

Art, Nolan Fabricius (@ShiftlessHobo)

I’d like to point out a couple of things that may not be obvious upon one’s first play through. Firstly, the preist has Gout, That’s why he winces when he walks. He spends every waking moment in total misery. Secondly, Darwin’s jumping ability is historically accurate and not exaggerated at all. In sumation, I  regret the lack of weather effects, I feel like setting the game during a hurricane would’ve “totally flipped the script” so to speak.

User Learning

I wish we made the skull sequences for the game more clear and gave a little more instruction on what the player is supposed to do. While people seem to love the game, I think a number of people are missing some of the experience because of not understanding the sequences. So here’s a hint!

Play and rate FOR THE darWIN here!

And play our other jame games here!

Hope you all enjoyed playing our game as much as we’ve enjoyed playing all of yours! We’ve played over 100 games and are continueing to play more each day. 

Until Next Ludum!

Travis & Nolan

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  1. munchor says:

    This was the best game I saw on this Ludum Dare, and it was also a very good Post Mortem, nice job :)

  2. kaidoe says:

    Awesome.. Simply awesome.. For the compo scale everything is right – mechanics, music, graphics, goal… Excellent game!

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