A change to the theme voting process I think needs to take place.

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September 12th, 2012 4:23 am

In order for there to be a genuine winning theme, agree or not, I don’t think the previous round’s winners should be public.

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    • Maple says:

      So that the winning theme is what people genuinely voted for, and people aren’t swayed to vote particular themes up or down based on the previous rounds’ results.

      • csanyk says:

        I’m not sure how knowing the results of previous rounds influences voting on the current round. The previous topics aren’t on the current ballot. I can’t control who up or downvotes any particular category, particularly not after the round is over. So how does knowing those results influence how I vote in this round?

  1. Benjamin says:

    Infact I think we dont need voting process at all.

    The theme is the point that force us to change our plans, adapting our style of coding or designing. It’s the reason we go beyond our limits, and make something fresh we are proud of.

    The magic only works if we can’t choose it.
    Usually we tend to stick to what we already know, and try to go the easier way. And that’s exactly what most of us do while they are voting.
    If I think I’m good on procedural or particles I will choose a theme where I can easily use my skills. And if this theme win, I will probably learn nothing during this LD.

    The only good thing about this votes rounds, is that it bring the community together weeks before the events start. In return it’s taking back a lot of spontaneity for the event.
    For exemple, on this LD I only had to choose between the 2-3 idea I had on previous LD when the theme evolution didn’t make it to the end…

    My opinion is that PoV or the previous winner in humor or overall category should choose the next theme.

  2. hamster_mk_4 says:

    I agree with Ben that the more unexpected a theme is the more innovation you get out of the participants. Still I like the current theme selection process. It fosters community discussion and imagination in the lead up to the contest.

    If I could make one change to the voting process I would have the initial themes submitted by the to 10 entrants of the last competition, or somehow give the people who ranked highly more votes. These people have shown they know how to make a game in 48/72 hours, they have a better idea what will make a good theme than a first time participant.

    • Maple says:

      The theme is such a general thing that I don’t think old participants have a better idea at all. I see the point with a more unexpected theme being better, and I think not seeing previous round winners makes the actual theme more unexpected.

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