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Posted by (twitter: @jprogman)
September 11th, 2012 7:42 pm

After playing several entry games, an idea had popped up in my head: is there a way I could randomly select a game to play? It would sound like a nice feature to have so if I’m looking for an entered game to play, why not be randomly selected? Of course, having one game drawn randomly shouldn’t interfere with other categories like “default”, “least ratings,” and “most coolness.”

So, “randomly select a game”, nay or yay?

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  1. TehSkull says:

    The 3 lists we have now help ensure that all games get a fair shot, and helps developers that work for their ratings. Adding randomness into the mix undermines the entire system.

  2. jprogman says:

    While I’m alright with the three lists, I do get games that I couldn’t play due to different systems, only sources, etc. When I get bombarded with those games, I thought I could try other games deep down into the collection somehow. I guess “default” would be the most ideal to find, but only if the creators have tried and rated other games.
    I guess you could consider “randomness” as a last day(s) feature when there are less than a few days left to rate and you would like to “pick a name out of a hat.”

  3. johnfn says:

    I’m not sure what the difference would be from a random game and just clicking the first game in your list of suggested games. That list seems to be random enough to keep me interested. The only difference is that the random person may not ‘deserve’ being rated as much as the first person on the list. So nah, I don’t think that randomness is really necessary. You can feel free to prove me wrong though 😉

  4. vilya says:

    Randomly generate a number N between 1 and 1406. Go to “View All Entries”, page (N / 24) and play game (N % 24). Simple! :-)

  5. Will Edwards says:

    My ratings page quickly fills up with entries that don’t play (as I’m on Linux).

    So being able to zap those entries from my roulette would really help.

    Right now I just click on random pages of the full list. So I play lots of games with alphabetically progressing names.

    • Raptor85 says:

      I’d rather have what i’ve been asking for and most people agree would be really nice for the past few competitions…a “Does not run” button with a short list of reasons why and a “other” to fill it out, and a way to sort games by platform. (and no, the search does NOT work, its “false positive” rate is nearly 90% meaning i’m better off searching for “bananas” and manually clicking on a few of them when looking for linux, android, html5, etc.. games than searching for “linux” or such in the search)

  6. sfernald says:

    I get what he’s saying and actually it would be pretty cool.

    Sort of like google when it used to have that “feeling lucky” option.

    You just click a button and it takes you right to the page of a game. Skipping all the distracting things like “lists” and stuff like that. Just press button and there’s a game. Press the button and there’s another game. Completely random. You never know what is going to pop up next. Press a button and bam! there’s a game to play. Kinda cool and simple when you think about it.

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