Free composing for LD entries

September 10th, 2012 11:58 am

No strings attached.

I want more practice writing music for video games. And having just enjoyed entering LD#24  myself, I could think of no community I would rather help in my great and mighty quest to get some more practice!


So if any of you want me to compose a piece of music for your LD entry, or ask a question or something, just email me at:

(Just make sure you let me know a bit about what you want for your game. What style of music and whatnot)

If you want an idea of my level at composing, and what you can expect from me, check out the music I wrote for my LD entry HERE.

A good day for an adventure!

8 Responses to “Free composing for LD entries”

  1. darkshadow says:

    Nice little composition. Perhaps you could come up with one for my game? I can’t think of much for what style or genre it should be but maybe like the graphics it should be like a mix of bit-tunes and something a little more sophisticated sounding instruments. Try out my game and perhaps get some inspiration?

  2. Ken Reismann says:

    This is very impressive! Both the music and the offer. This is such a great community. :-)

  3. sorceress says:

    Interesting composition, I’m getting a bit of a “Little Big Adventure” vibe from it :)

  4. Cake&Code says:

    You better watch out, a few posts up on the page is a generative music composer made by Per!
    Fierce robotic competition xD

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