401 games down – here are my picks

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September 9th, 2012 9:32 am

So I just played 401 of the 1406 games this LD (How? I’m a wizard). Here are some that stood out in one or more categories / are particularly interesting / are horribly underrated and deserve more plays.

(links to the LD-entries are in the headers/titles)


Cuboid Sandbox – cominu

I have no idea what’s going on. Some kind of cube-simulation, I fathom. But it is quite pretty.


One Day To Breed – Hazel

You are a cat. Find a partner, breed, and continue as the offspring until you have reached the peak of cat-dom. Quite cute. Also, the second game to feature boxcats :)


Happy Vegan Birthday – Huitre

Ridiculously good-looking point+click full of nice little gags.


EvoRide – inakrinat

It’s essentially Rainbow Road, but with a self-creating dna-path.


Species – mappum

I’m stil amazed by how this game manages to pull off what it does in 2d. More information would spoil the experience :)


FOR THE darWIN – TravisChen

You are Darwin. Dig out fossils to prove evolution, all whilst avoiding the church! Also, this game has the most sensible use of the NumPad ever. Top that!


Where am I? – AgentParsec

Play this game blind. Do not read the description. Do not read the comments. Every bit of information will cloud your playthrough. Just do it.


My Time – GamesByZed

1-day-extra-game by Zed, which is quite focussed. You are the Ludum-Dare-Theme “Evolution”. Show the other themes who’s boss!





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  1. ratking says:

    Putting your own game in such a list is just awkward, IMHO.

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