Calling all graphic and music mages! GotEL wants to evolve!

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September 8th, 2012 4:58 pm

We are half way through the rating phase and so far – from the comments – I think the idea is good enought to build on. For this I need a graphician and a musician – and I take the part of the programmer. :) The application is simple. Send me concept art and some music ideas. Full details are below…

Basically the game mechanics will be the same as now but there will be improvements and I try to describe them below.


  • seamless tiles needed
  • forests will be animated to simulate wind (not real time wind but maybe there will be several animations to play)
  • I consider having transitions between the different land types within the tile, so transition is not a separate tile (but this is a tremendous amount of work so we will see)
  • character and vehicle will be animated  (vehicle will be a jeep)
  • there will be 2 guy and a girl character (at least and maybe they will have different special abilities)
  • I don’t want to go with 3D rendered gfx


Music & sfx:

  • absolutely NO Dubstep!!!
  • I plan to have different genres of music in the game (I don’t know yet if it will be mission or character specific)
  • mood will be the most important aspect
  • yes, there will be a lot of sfx and I don’t want to go with simple bleeps and blops

What do you need to do?

Just send me concept arts, sketches, mock ups and samples of your music ideas – or anything that shows enought – so I can decide who I want to work with. You can send any amount and please do. We will go with the best one, thats all. My contacts are in my about box here in the blog. Oh, and I don’t care about your CV, I want tangible things only. :)

What do you need to consider before sending application

I need exactly 1 graphic and 1 music mage in the team. Ones who willing to work on the project continuously. So if working together not going well or if it turns out that someone can’t make the quality stuff the project needs then he will be replaced with someone else – I hope this thing never happens though. We will discuss business and other things in private.

To start this project I thought we can go with the October Challange. I can’t work on this before the 1st of October but keep sending stuff to me until then. Naturally we will not finish this game in 1 month – so count on that too!


I hope I was clear. :) Thanks for the interest!


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