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Ever since I have determined that my game lacked “lasting appeal”, I spent the last few days experimenting with a number of gameplay mechanics to add to the existing one. There were some that were interesting (like one idea where you can fight the virus directly by shooting its core) but most of them detract from the basic player experience that I want to retain. And that is the tension of dynamic platforming.

Most of my decisions so far was dictated by my desire to retain the core mechanic. My rule of thumb right now is if the player is not jumping around all over the arena, then there’s something wrong with the design.

New additions:

With update 1.1, I’ve introduced a new pickup-item: The recovery node. This replaces the repair node in terms of functionality. Picking this up will recover nearby tiles and increases the points to reach the next level. On the other hand, picking up the repair node will add one “repair bullet” which you can use to repair tiles at will. By having two separate pickups, each with their own risk-and-rewards, I am forcing the player to choose under pressure which can add more to the tension.

I have also changed the way on how a repair bullet works. Before, tiles are restored at random which made the resulting platforms very unexpected and risky. With this new change, the immediate surrounding neighbors are the ones that are restored forming a nice big platform which is very helpful to save you in tight situations.

Update 1.1 summary

  • Picking up repair node (wrench and screwdriver icon)  gives you one “repair bullet”
  • Picking up a recovery node  (the bandage icon) increases your points to get to the next level
  • Repair bullet now restores tiles with a definite shape
  • Placed a “bullet” counter at the top of the crosshairs
  • Some performance and code improvements

Try out the post-compo version here. If you still haven’t, please rate the original entry here.

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  1. Jezzamon says:

    If you want people to play the game several, you need to reduce the amount of time it takes before the game becomes challenging from the start. It’s kinda boring waiting around for the game to become hard after you’ve been at the difficult stage of the game.

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