One Week of Rating is Up!

September 3rd, 2012 9:30 am

Ah, yes, and as the clock ticks down, we all rate games with joy and pleasure at the immense creativity of our game developing brethren.

What’s that you say, dearest reader? You still haven’t rated enough games? You’ve been procrastinating? Well, that simply won’t do! What you say, you wish to cheat off me, to see the games I’ve enjoyed in no particular order? Is anyone looking? *glances left and right* Well, okay, but don’t tell the admins… They put so much work in to that Play and Rate Games page…

Oneway by Azure Nimbus


Another simple game from Azure, the guy who makes pure designs come forth in to a land where entertainment has become synonymous with “ACHIEVEMENT GET!”

Red Underpants by Bisou_TurboD


Can a modest man in dashing undergarments get off of the island he finds himself trapped upon? With some great mechanics and a killer crafting system, it’s a surprise this game hasn’t been rated more often.

Revolution by BrothersT


In a world… Where you live within a circle and gravity pulls you from all sides… You must fight your past selves to survive as long as you can! Filled with paradoxes, sure, but a fun time indeed. Hint: don’t spam the attack button into the air, you’ll be killing yourself later.

RED PLANET by BuffaloPhil



Do people really expect sci-fi missions to mars to go well these days? While a bit linear, this one is a pretty complete horror experience, and it’s not incredibly cliche, which takes some good writing.

AvRvE by Cake&Code


Isometrically messing with evolution? How educational! Apparently with a few different paths to take, this game feels just as polished as this dynamic duo’s last entry, perhaps more!

Psychiatric Evaluation by ConflictiveLabs

Psychiatric Evaluation

Oh, man, a text adventure? Wait a minute… No it isn’t… Now it’s an Ascii roguelike. And now it’s a NES game- no, a SNES game… The world is starting to look… better. Based on the brilliant metaphor of text adventures to increasing insanity, this game rocks.

STRIKE OF RAGE by deepnight



What, you’ve already played this one? SHUT UP AND PLAY IT AGAIN, THIS IS DEEPNIGHT! And it’s not all philosophical like the last two he made.

Additive by Desi Quintas


A puzzle game that actually manages to feel completed after 48 hours. Well played, Quintas, well played.

Octogeddon by flyingbear


This octopus is seriously messed up, as it can use DNA points it gathers from destroying submarines to form grotesque legs reminiscent of other creatures. It then uses those legs to destroy more submarines. Senseless destruction is truly bliss.

Revolvolution by iandioch


Bikers. The wild lives they take on. What’s that you say, reader, they’re just circles? THEY’RE HELMETS I TELL YOU, HELMETS! *clears throat* Well, if we’re all ready to move on from that episode, this game of devolving weaponry is an enjoyable arcade experience with a lot going for it.

OF SPECIES by kato9


This one can speak for itself. “I was on my way to Aeolis Mons. We lost communication with the rest of our unit earlier this morning after they were dispatched to the supply drop site. I had a strange dream last night. I can’t quite remember what happened but it was terrifying in a way I can’t put into words. It felt like a premonition – something dark was coming.”

How evolution really works? by keenblaze

How evolution really works?

I’ll never think the same way about evolution again after these wonderful, jello-y squares taught me it’s all in the puzzles.

Stevie Asteroid Rescues the Hovercredits by KHANanaphone

Stevie Asteroid

The fantastic output of a developer’s own evolution of learning through 48 hours. The story behind this game is what puts it over the top.

A.D.A.P.T.S by Nik


Aliens were never that good at driving automobiles. You’re going to have to upgrade your ship by stealing parts of others to survive… and make up for your terrible piloting skills.

Project “E” by RobProductions

Project "E"


Rob has a thing for good 3D. Evolve forwards and backwards through time, taking on the forms of bigger and smaller evolutions of your species to move through the area.

I’d Change the World for You by Zanzlanz

I'd Change the World for You

A game where the world shifts around you to form new paths you can take, one of which will hopefully get you to your girlfriend. A bit laggy on some machines, but if you can play it, it’s very worth it.

Adaption by Puzzlem00n


What’s that you say, dear reader? This is my game? Preposterous. This game was clearly made by someone devilishly clever and likely very handsome. The game itself evolves based on how you control it! How awesome!


What’s that, you say, reader? You don’t actually exist, and your just a clever amalgamation of how I expect you to react, and therefore, I’m talking to myself here?

I’M NOT CRAZY!!!!!!!

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  1. BrothersT says:

    Thanks for the plug dude! But just thought I’d let you know the link is broken :)

  2. BuffaloPhil says:

    Thanks for the mention, digital buddy!

  3. Zanzlanz says:

    Thanks for mentioning my game! ;D

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