my games too hard?

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September 3rd, 2012 3:07 pm

hello guys, Mohammad here just writing a post (when i shouldn’t!) about my game. appearntly people who play it say its too hard.

come on, I’ve added a walk-though, fixed the amount of damage, implemented running (BEFORE I SUBMITTED IT!) and saving and loading (as well!) was it really THAT hard? ill give you guys one tip though: try holding shift the entire time, the monsters cant reach up to you. also, the monsters draw a circle where if you run far enough, they stop chasing you. also, the monsters model is probably 3000 or so polygons, making their collision area large (or small!) which is why they can’t fit into narrow hallways. another thing to know is that they don’t collide with : barrels, doors, other monsters, you, power-ups, or bullets. they orignally dealt 2 hit-points of damage, but now they only do one. a final note is that keys can slow you down ever so slightly, but do not stop you. also doors can be shot open if keys aren’t available.

im not sure why its so hard, it only has 3 levels, each i managed to complete in one go. just hold shift.

see if you can beat it!

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  1. Puzzlem00n says:

    Many developers find their games much easier than the players of the game because they know it inside and out. A known fact.

    And the only reason I couldn’t beat it is because I couldn’t pick up Level 2’s key.

    I’ve been rethinking you leaving and all. I take it all back, I think you can stay a little longer. I remembered what you said about doing the October Challenge, and I think you can stay until then, or even longer if everything stays okay.

    And please, just write in caps. You have no idea how much of an improvement it makes.

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