Evolving random sprite generator

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September 3rd, 2012 5:14 am

This weekend I’ve been working on a random animated sprite generator, meant to kickstart sprite graphics development for non graphic artists (like me).  I’ve tried to include an evolving feature, where you can click on a sprite to generate variants on that particular sprite.

Sprite generator prototype (Java, applet or jar)

It’s still a prototype. You cannot yet save sprites, undo, etc.  I am also working on a shading feature. If there is interest, I’ll publish a more finished version later.

Here is a screenshot (note that the real thing is animated):

If you click on a sprite, you get variations of that particular sprite:


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14 Responses to “Evolving random sprite generator”

  1. TheBallCollective says:

    This looks amazing! There are so many great sprites that come out of this. Have you tried it at higher resolutions? Any chance of source?

  2. Fadobo says:

    Awesome. Keep the updates coming!

  3. Quentin says:

    This sounds awesome for people that suck at graphics, can’t wait to see more progress! It would have been very useful for the Evolution theme xD

  4. Datw says:

    Wow that’s awesome already. Gonna keep track of your work.

  5. bvanschooten says:

    Great, there appears to be a lot of interest.

    The generator currently generates 10×10 sprites (12×12 including outline), because larger sprites look too random (I think). I’ve also tried placing restrictions on what pixels may be placed where, which results in more meaningful but also a little more boring sprites. I wish to include the code as a tool as part of JGame (my pet game engine / toolkit), after cleaning up the code, but I think I will post stand-alone source soon.

    • AcidMonkey says:

      Hey bvanschooten,

      It’s been 6 months since your mention of a stand alone source release! Is this still possible? I find your procedural work extremely interesting, and would appreciate seeing the theory/application behind how you did this sprite generator.


  6. mfitzp says:

    Pixel-art scaling algos (like 2xSal/hqnx) might be a way to get larger sprites from these smaller templates.

  7. zaratustra says:

    Great! I love how they animate. I’d like to see an alternate evolution where color varies.

  8. aeveis says:

    very very cool. it would be interesting to see this used as a tool for artists too, maybe then you could generate even more crazy looking sprites, if you’re using some tile sets or if there are adjustable parameters. Its already really cool you can already get unique looking sprites.

  9. SiENcE says:

    I used something similar to create my char sprites. Very good work.

  10. Kurama_Youko says:

    Could you explain how it works?

    And thanks for JGame, I’ve used it in some past LD =D

  11. Puzzlem00n says:

    Hmm. While it does look good for making quick games, it’s sort of limiting you to a single style… Tiny pixel cuteness. I’m sure it will be useful, but I don’t think I’ll be using it too much.

  12. This is unbelievable! The amount of information in each of those sprites… They are like an explosion of imagination, thank you so very much for making this!

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