Axolotl Pop Post Mortem

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September 3rd, 2012 10:12 am

Axolotl Pop!

I decided I wanted to do the Ludum Dare some time ago.  However just prior to it I did another jam, and got really enthused with the idea, continuing it past when I had intended.  I consider the game, Inside Busters to be a pretty good success.  Though, because of it I was completely drained for the first day of Ludum Dare and had no motivation to do anything at all.


Because I had wanted to participate pretty badly, but was so creatively drained, I comprimised.  I decided to do the 72 hour jam, and not follow the theme too strictly, instead opting to push myself in other ways that I was a little more enthusiastic about.  So I chose right off the bat to make the game playable on Android, the Web and Windows.  I hadn’t yet released an Android game, so figured, why not?


Though I have done several jams before I have never recorded any of them, and thought that while I’m pushing myself in different directions I might as well give that a shot as well.  It was a somewhat interesting experience and is surprisingly satisfying to watch in reflection.  Having a log of what you did and how long it took is most enjoyable.  The timelapse bellow goes for 10 minutes but was made with over 20 hours of footage, and that is with content missing that I forgot to film.

I aimed very consciously to target the Android platform first and foremost.  In this regard I think I was rather successful, the game plays pretty nicely on the phone and I made a lot of comprimises to ensure this.  Where I think I failed the most was keeping to the theme, now that I’m not a zombie from burning myself out I can think of numerous more inventive ways of exploring evolution.  But when faced with the jam and many hours lacking in sleep the most I could think of was, “… Something about Axolotls”.  This dissapoints me a lot as evolution is a pretty great theme and I didn’t really do it justice.


As with all jams I aimed to provide a very polished end product and I think I did a fairly good job in this regard.  The game certainly feels complete with no errors and a lot of tweaking to ensure everything feels good.  Next time I am going to take special care to rest up before the jam so that I can really explore the theme as I was a little dissapointed in myself in that regard.  However, all in all a pretty successful jam where I learnt a lot of technologies and managed to try things I might of otherwise not.


I’m very curious what people thought of the game on Android (which is now available), and how well it runs on their devices.  So if you have time, feel free to get the game here.

If you would like to try the game online or download it my entry is available here.

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