Unnatural Selection – in hindsight

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September 2nd, 2012 4:09 pm

Well overall I was more pleased with this one than I have been with any LD previously. I started with this design document:

The original idea was that you had been sent to an infant world, which was under threat from space baddies – intent on removing every trace of life from the planet.

As part of the galactic wildlife conservation society you feel this just isn’t fair on the potentially intelligent species that is currently evolving on the planet. So you set down to give nature a helping hand.

The original idea was that you had to find primordial ooze and drop it onto the creatures to mutate them, then get them to breed. They would become more powerful and intelligent until, by invasion time, they would able to defend themselves.

Well the final game turned out a bit (but not a lot) different :) You’ll have to play to see what I mean!

My biggest mistake was doing my own terrain system for this game. I ended up with terrain that has visible seams. I should have just used Unity’s terrain. (please don’t fly off the edge of the world!) Hopefully somebody will appreciate the fact that I tried to roll my own :)

The screenshot above, illustrates this – but it also shows the system I’m most pleased with. The floating billboards around your ship show in which direction to find the nearest creatures.

I left in a silly bug that stopped the invasion mechanics from working, most of the time. Most people who played never got to see this situation:

I’ve since uploaded a bugfixed version, please do check that out if you decide to play the game. thanks to everyone who has played and commented so far. I probably won’t do a full post-compo version but will probably do one more LD with the same base code – as I did with  the HTML5 MMO games I made for the last two.

Play and rate Unnatural Selection here

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