Post mortem: Move Forward

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September 2nd, 2012 9:45 am

First i want to thanks for all comments and plays! Really apprieciate it!

So here goes post mortem.

1. What went right

I’m really happy with sum of all worktime put into the game.  I’ve managed time well and sleep just about right amount to
be aware of the surrounding and work. And I lost  some weight which was a big suprise for me, who would’ve thought :)

2. What went wrong

In short, planing. I’ve lost too much time doing graphics. Big mistake was creating whole scene instead of preparing reusable assets to create bigger locations. I also didn’t focused on puzzles so in the end game feels shallow. I should focus more on interesting gameplay and longevity.

3.What’s next ? 

I’m currently working on finishing game and want to create something bigger and fun. I’ve learnt a lesson and I try to setup  better workflow to manage longer game. I don’t have to much to show as i’m developing tool which will automate lightmap baking and asset management within blender. I hope it will speed up location creation and allows me to spend more time on creating puzzles and story.

Little post ld shot:

Link to the entry


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  1. fruitfly says:

    like the visual style of the game a lot. will you be putting up a timelapse? would love to see your development cycle in regard to shiva and blender in specific.

    • michax says:

      I’ve live streamed whole process. However, i forgot to disable default removal of saved casts and newest one were removed. You can find remaining videos here:

      In short i’m using newest release of Blender 2.64 (r48802) which has great collada exporter that works perfectly with shiva. In addition i’m using vray plugin for blender to bake lighting and global illumination. For that you need to buy Vray Maya Standalone, which is a lot cheaper then other versions. But there is nothing wrong with blender internal renderer. It’s especialy great for stylized graphics (cartoons etc.)

      Blender integration with vray is GREAT thanks to And if you need some additional features, it ease to write them using python (especialy some automation tools for baking).

      Texture post production was done in Photoshop, can be easily replaced with gimp or even blender internal composition tool.

      What i can add, everything is stright forward. Shiva is improving year by year and i become really found of this engine. If you have some specific question feel free to ask!

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