Life Forms the Post Mortem

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September 1st, 2012 5:54 am

Finally, the post mortem!

This was my third Ludum Dare and I think it was the best one!

Let’s start at the night of the theme announcement,  I was really excited for this Ludum Dare (as always) and I decided that I should go sleep early (23:00).  I went to sleep and for some reasons I woke up at 3:50 AM just ten minutes before the theme announcement. I saw that the theme was finally evolution  (All of this while I’m in bed :P), I tried to get back to sleep but I wasn’t able to, so I already started to plan my game!

From my twitter feed

My idea was to make a game where you are a life form which evolve by adding new cells to it. Each cell will cost a different amount of DNA which you collect by killing other life forms and will have a different ability like power, defense, speed etc.

When I woke up I started my live stream and created a new project in FlashDevelop. The first thing that I did was to write my idea down.


Later, I started the programming and added the basic life form entity and cells.

The first life form

Than, I programmed the life form editor/store.

The editor

Later on, I added some parallax scrolling background and some DNA.

DNA and parallax scrolling background

And I completed the GUI.


Finally I added some nice random generated life forms.

Random generated life forms


This was my best Ludum Dare ever! It was the first time which I used the whole 48 hours till the end, The game came out perfectly as I wanted it to be and the live stream was super fun! (Thanks for everyone who watched it :-))

The Good

The gameplay is really fun, I really like the graphics and the music and the most important part, I had a lot of fun!

The Bad

I really worked until the last minutes and it was dangerous, some instructions are missing and sometimes enemies spawn right on you and instant kills you.


Life Forms

And once again, I made a game in 48 hours for Ludum Dare!

You can rate and play my game right here

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