Hi people,

Just wanted to let you know that I have put Vox on the Steam Greenlight process.


What was originally started as an entry into the Ludum Dare competition a number of months ago, during the april competition, is now being made into a full ambitious game!

Would really appreciate it if you could visit the game page and hopefully show your support (favorite and rate up) and this would make me very very happy indeed, and I would be forever indebted to you! :)

As always if you want to follow my voxel engine tutorials or articles, they can still be found at the site:


I am happy to hear any feedback you guys have, or answer any questions you might want to ask.



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14 Responses to “Vox – On Steam Greenlight (previous entry to Ludum Dare #23)”

  1. mohammad says:

    this is WAY better than mcpixel on steam greenlight.
    its about time too!
    how much is it?

  2. mohammad says:

    add a veicle update to allow creation of veicles and roads!

  3. mohammad says:

    i always loved your work alwaysgeeky.

  4. mohammad says:

    alwaysgeeky, EVERYONE IS SOO EXCITED!
    come on! stop teasing us please! ill pay as much as i need to, JUST RELEASE THE GAME!
    this is too much fun already! i cant wait! please alwaysgeeky, it looks soo good already!
    signed: EVERY FRICKN ONE!

  5. mohammad says:

    vox, i checked out your website and your AMAZING! NOBODY CAN EVER COMPARE TO YOU!!!
    only you, can truly make games, EVEN BETTER THAN NOTCH. ive checked out your site, channel, blog, posts, comments, steam greenlight thingy, EVERYTHING! i cannot freaking wait anymore! i will download it in ANY form, even in its prototype form!
    please, make news soon. NOBODY (especially i!) CAN WAIT!
    its getting too tedious!
    make more news!

  6. Quentin says:

    Mohammad’s retarded.

    But very nice! I saw a few videos of the Voxel Engine a while back, it’s awesome to see it’s a full game now, and I hope to see it on Steam soon!

  7. eyehawk says:

    Nice work Geeky! Best of luck on Steam Greenlight – I’ve upvoted you there so hopefully you will be able to release fully on to steam.

    Is this something that you’ve done before? It would be my personal dream come true if I could make a living out of developing games! If you have some tips on how to make the transition from LD compos to commercially viable games, I’d be super interested!

    • AlwaysGeeky says:

      Cheers for your support, I think I am going to need all the support I can get, to be able to get on greenlight.

      If people are interested I could write some general guides on gamedev as a living?

      I also have a games programming job in my full time, Vox is something I am making in my spare time.

      • eyehawk says:

        Hi Geeky, that would actually be so cool if you had the time to write up something like that. I’m sure the other LDers would appreciate it too :)

        • mohammad says:

          make a boss 3d ludum dare game (WITHOUT UNTIY!)
          get a good reputation or even win that game and become respected within the ludum dare community.
          wait a few months.
          tell everyone your making your ludum dare entry into a full blown game.
          work on it.
          make a post saying you released it with the link.
          now wait.

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