IO VUOLE ZEN: Post Mortem

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August 31st, 2012 8:05 am

This was my first LD and my first complete game, so I was quite nervous. The theme was boring, nothing challenging. And this is why I had no ideas until seven hours after the beginning of the competition. After seven hours I began. I made two or three random things, then the game started evolving by himself. I didn’t need to think what I should have done next, I simply knew it. In an absolutely logical way, from chaos and non-sense, a game was born.

Right things:

Surprisingly barely everything. I slept a lot during the competition, the game was made in 24-25 hours, but I still had time to fix tons of bugs.

-Story: I managed to create a sufficient story in no time. I’m proud of it.

-Mechanics: I seriously like a lot how the mechanics are implemented and how they are linked to the story. They are exacly as I wanted them and that is the most positive thing of the whole game.

-Graphics: I made every sprite in a different way and with a different style. That was quite entertaining. And not meaningless.

-Audio: I never made music before this LD. It has been difficult, very difficult, but I like what I have done. And I hope you enjoy it too.

Wrong things:

-Stencyl and me.

I’m not able to program a game so I used Stencyl. I knew it well and I thought that I wouldn’t have had problems. I was wrong. Many inaccurancies and billions of random bugs,  billions. But I wouldn’t have been able to make the game without it. So I love and hate Stencyl at the same time.


I loved making a game for LD and I’ll surely partecipate again in December.  😉

P.S.: I’m not English, so my English isn’t good. I’m sorry for it.

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