How it went: Bear Selection

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August 31st, 2012 4:03 am

This is in all regards a post-mortem just with a different name. A post mortem implies that the game is dead, but from the comments I’ve got the game has potential and any thing with potential is very much alive!

Bear Selection(Web)

Bear Selection(Web)

The Good

+Stuck to the original concept, a sandbox world where creatures evolve and the player can only indirectly interact with them.

+Mutations can be clear to see, creatures start moving differently or go really fast

+Images are a million times better than I imagined MS paint could produce.

+Getting my brother to draw the creatures, allowed me to work on coding creatures larger than a pixel and some fresh direction in how to implement the images into the game.

+The world is dynamic, creatures can eat foliage and starve if none is left.

+The sparkline graph library made it easy to add a population graph:

+The similar syntax between C and Java Script made learning a bit less painful.

+Web based, so that it is accessible to more people. Surprised to find it even runs on android browsers!

The Bad

-No collisions between creatures and creatures, or creatures and tiles leads to fish walking on land!

-No audio of any kind

-Pace is a bit slow and the limited interaction can make it boring.

-Didn’t have time to add terraforming or player activated events like meteorites or forest fires.

-First two days were mostly spent learning object orientation

-HTML-5 Canvas means not supported by IE

-No credits, no loading screen

-No entities like, eggs, blood splatter or fire. Despite the fact the graphics art was made.


Still all in all it was a mostly postive experience and a good game considering it was my first LD entry and my second ever game (first for the language, being web based, object orientated and non-ASCII graphics) so all in all it was a great success and learning experience for me.

You can play it and rate it here:

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