The Post Mortem of The life of Cat

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August 30th, 2012 7:07 am

Hi everyone,

This was our first Ludum Dare entry and we’re so happy with the community response up till now, we’re already giving it a complete sucess mark! We’re just two students from a Computer Engineering degree – me (Ivo) am majoring in Multimedia and I’m going to do a specialization on games; Sandra is going to major in AI and hopefully build something that conquers the world.



Check out the game if you haven’t at






So enough of the pleasentries let’s go straight to the point:

What worked:

Pixel art – People keep mentioning that our graphics are great but to me it’s just simple art done in GIMP. Since I’m a programmer thats about all I could do, however here’s a few tips to all in the same situation as me:

1. We’re not artists but if we’re not satisfied with it we rework it. Yes its easy to just draw some cat and be done with it but then we can’t be entirely satisfied with our work, can we?

2. Check and recheck if animations feel real, I can’t stress this enough because this is the point of animations: to feel real – and that can only be seen while playing.

3. If you’re like me, and you’re no artist, then look at images of what you want to draw,  I did that with the tryceratops and I think it looks awesome.

Triggered events – We aren’t here to make extensive compeling story-based games but we can do a couple of interesting things with 2D triggers. If our character passes a certain X something happens. This was our basic storytelling tool, expecially for the ending.

Music – We didn’t do the music, like it’s stated on the credits it was made by Brioskj (from the album Escape To The City), but since it’s tied to Creative Commons by Atribution it’s not Copyrighted. Creative Commons is becoming majorly spread and I think thats great for indie development. The sounds were also licensed by Creative Commons but we were careful not to use Non-Derivative sounds because we might always need to edit them. For more on Creative Commons go to

What didn’t work:

Music – The music worked great except it was far too big, not sure if people compress it or stick to one track, the only thing I know is that my game file is huge and can’t be submited to Kongregate u.u.

Pacing – We really wanted to stress out that the Cat moved at different speeds and that Baby Cat was more energetic than Old Fat Cat but, you’re all right, we did overdo it. We ourselves felt it was tedious and frustrating, and despite that being the feeling we wanted to convey – that old age makes us unable to do the things like we did before – it’s still a game so next time more speed (just a bit).

Level Design – This one came as a total wake up call to us, I study game design and production in my free time but I never did level design maybe I should start. And if we had decent level design in the final level players wouldn’t be so frustrated to play with Old Fat Cat because then there’d be something else to focus on.

Well that’s it people, hope our insights help some of you, and we’ll keep on participating on this awesome competition.

And to all who said nice things about our game — Thank you!

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