Myxolous – Postmortem

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August 30th, 2012 4:32 pm

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I’m pretty happy with how Myxolous turned out.  I was aiming for a “hands off” approach to an RTS, and that’s what I got, for better or worse.  While I’m glad that I was able to complete a game, and even work in a lesson at the end,  Myxolous does have a couple flaws.

What Went Right

– Because I used basic geometric shapes, I was able to quickly model stuff in 3D, add in a cel shading effect, then throw in a quick 2D render.  For the amount of time I spend on them, the game looks great.

– The speed at which GM let’s you create games always amazes me.  I was able to finish most of the graphics, and nail the gameplay engine the first night, leaving all of the second day to fine tune the mechanics and polish menus and things.

– The message.  Believe it or not, I even managed to work some criticism of civilization in the game, and were a couple emergent moments in the gameplay that I think really fit.  For instance, I like how at the close of the game, enough stone has spawned and the remaining forests are so dense, that any Myxos unfortunate enough to go near them are many times stuck there for life…just like real life!

What Went Wrong

– The game is a little too simulation heavy, and player agency isn’t exactly clear from the beginning of the game.  It’s not until the first game is almost over that you really see how important your limited actions are, as a whole game can hinge on a single successful lightning storm spell.  I think alot of people probably didn’t play long enough for the game to get into full swing because of this.

– The sound.  GM: HTML5 is a pain with handling sounds, and due to some last minute bugs, I decided to not worry about any sound, which detracts from the game a little.

Thanks for reading this and playing the game…see you next time!

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