Beetlefield Post-mortem

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August 30th, 2012 3:46 am

For the theme evolution I made a game with beetle teams fighting each other.

Please play it here !

The player control none of the team but he can bid for one of them. If he win the other team evolve and he have to switch his favorite team or persist on the first one for the next fight. Until he fails.

There’s 16 different skills but you will never select any of them.

The most difficult part of the gamedesign of beetlefield was to not let the player focus on one team as “His” team. That’s a bit frustrating, but I wanted him to concentrate on analyze rather than the classic level-up-your-character thing


I was really unsure about how it will work, so I added an incentive to the game.

Player can save the last team they bid for so they can sort of “possess” it to fight with other players team.


What went right :

– Experience : This is my 6th ludumdare and the first one when stress is not overwhelming me. That makes my week-end more enjoyable than the other LD. I even finished my todolist 3 hours before submission time, which is a very reassuring thing to do :)

– Music : That was my first time creating my own music for a game. I’m always spending few time before LD searching for a tracker I could use, but this time I think I found one I like. This is sunvox and I plan to train with it for next LD. I know the menu and ingame music I created are a bit basic and repetitive but well… I’m still proud of them :)

– Surroundings : We were gathered at the Motion-Twin company office. 11 developpers working altogether, it was a very good athmosphere. They all made an amazing work which really helped me to push my limits further.

What went wrong :

– Few Skills : Since the game engine was ready on saturday morning, I had tons of time for titlescreens, music and all. But I regret now I did not spend more of this time for extra skills. They are the game core and with more skills all the battles would have been unique.

– Fonts : I was never satisfied with fonts and spend to much time looking for them.

– Sfx : I reduced the tweaking time on Sound Fx because of the time I had spent on music. The result is my sfx are poor, especially the button tick and selections. I’m only happy with the beetle death sound.

– Not enough beds :)

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2 Responses to “Beetlefield Post-mortem”

  1. everchanger says:

    My friends and I played through about 50 games the day after Ludum Dare, we all agreed that yours was the most complete, polished and fun game of them all. You got very high ratings from us, keep doing great projects! :)

  2. Barktroll says:

    My only grudge with your game was the crazy memory leaks and CPU usage. I couldn’t play it for more than 10 minutes before I had to restart my browser due to the flash plugin consuming like 500 MB of RAM, and the CPU usage went up to roundabout 60% on my quad-core. Another one of my friends had the same problem. This saddened me a bit since I could’ve easily wasted a couple of days playing this very polished and addictive game.

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