100 Games played – Now for the highlights!

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August 30th, 2012 5:08 am

After 3 exciting days of playtesting, I’ve finally gotten enough games rated for that coveted Coolness Gold Medal. So I may as well share the best games I’ve found so far with everyone! :) So, in no particular order:

Evolution: A Parallel Narrative – Ali Sajid Imami

“This is a text adventure. And I had to cut corners, and a few worlds.”

Evolution: A Parallel Narrative is the story of one young engineering student who, on the night before their Final, embarks on a journey through the books on their shelves. A rather entertaining read, and well presented to the player too!

GiRL2501 – braingale

“a collaboration between John Sandoval, mooosh, Jack Sanders(BlueSweatshirt), and PostPre, of http://braingale.net

play as a smokin hot tsundere shoujou on her journey to teach a self-autonomous cyber lab AI what being sexy’s really all about B) ”

Lovely graphics and a very nice soundtrack make for a very enjoyable game – there’s nothing quite so satisfying as ripping apart robots with your latent psionic powers. 😉

Revolution – BrothersT

“Revolution is a fast-paced fighting game with unique physics, where you try to see how many past versions of yourself you can take on at once, (r)evolving to the next level at each stage.”

Featuring absolutely great spritework and animations, Revolution also boasts an interesting take on the theme of Evolution. The game gets exponentially harder as you go on, having that addictive arcade-like quality to it. Just go play it!

RED PLANET – BuffaloPhil

“You are a geologist on Mars in this sci-fi adventure game. Nearly killed me getting this much done in 48 hours, hope you enjoy!”

Presented similarly to a point-and-click adventure, RED PLANET very thankfully steers clear of the cliché “AI is a Crapshoot” trope that you might expect. The ending squicked me out a little, to say the least, but it’s still a very enjoyable adventure game.

Papillon – ChevyRay

“Felicity is being haunted. She must explore the depths in order to find the power she needs to face an increasingly powerful and menacing foe.”

While containing no sound, Papillon is a very beautifully drawn, well thought out Metroidvania style game. The game handles very well, with extremely fluid controls and the game’s bosses are creative and steadily increase in difficulty. I highly recommend this game to everyone! :)

Strike of Rage ! – deepnight

“They don’t want to pay you more. But you will make them pay.

A violent story about social evolution, revenge, money and kittens.”

A wickedly funny tale of one man’s journey to get the pay raise he deserves. With his FISTS. Fantastic pixel art, over-the-top style – what more could you want?

Octogeddon – flyingbear

“You ARE octogeddon, a mutant octopus bent on world destruction. Mutate more legs and evolve each of them into deadlier weapons until you become the ultimate eight-legged killing machine!”

More awesome, silly fun with a great soundtrack and simple, addictive game mechanics.

OF SPECIES – kato9

“I was on my way to Aeolis Mons. We lost communication with the rest of our unit earlier this morning after they were dispatched to the supply drop site. I had a strange dream last night. I can’t quite remember what happened but it was terrifying in a way I can’t put into words. It felt like a premonition – something dark was coming.”

A graphically stunning point and click adventure, OF SPECIES shows off what can be done in just 48 hours. Quite an interesting game itself, it creates a very foreboding atmosphere even though it’s really quite a short game.

How evolution really works? – keenblaze

“So, this game is about human evolution… Wait, I didn’t see any human in the game! Anyway, there are nice jelly squares, which will teach you how evolution actually works. ”

More like an interactive sketch than a game, and a pretty funny take on how natural selection works. Except, told through the lives of pixels of jelly? Worth playing if you want a chuckle! :)

Terra Tam: The World Warrior – L

“This is Terra Tam, a “fighting” “game” in which you are badly, hilariously outmatched. Tam, an ordinary human being, has been unwittingly chosen to compete in a space martial arts tournament by the fearsome ruler of our galaxy. The fate of humankind, and to a much greater extent Tam, is in the balance. Since humans, unlike most space-faring races, do not actually possess any innate combat abilities, can she survive even thirty seconds against these powerful beings?”

Another game full of wit and humour. Not really a game as such, but it’s better if you play it! :)

Encarmine – Sailerius

A visual novel about a duo of spirit hunters – with some pretty great art, fitting music and an interesting twist it’s certainly worth your time!

LimiT – Sakuyan

A very graphically lovely game about one small creature’s evolution and… well.. the ending is certainly very interesting… 😛 By eating more and more, you become a more complex creature until you eventually reach the limit of evolution.

Goin’ Bananas – A Sci-Fi Melodrama – Topher Florence

“This is a short interactive story about life in the future. The story was created in Twine. The music was generated in cgMusic and mastered in FL Studio. There are 12 possible endings. This game contains adult language and dialogue.”

A text adventure told through twine, and quite possibly one of the single funniest things I have ever seen at Ludum Dare. In the author’s own words it’s “kinda politically…reprehensible” – except that’s what’s so great about it. In a story where plot holes materialise from nowhere, characters can un-die in several endings and names and ages are as flexible as paper reading all twelve endings is absolutely necessary. Because basically each ending is its own twist, some of which had me rolling around in laughter. Easily a must-play!

The Sky in the Room – Porpentine


interactive fiction | Twine | mutant positive | queer | body romance | adaptive implants | vector anxiety | Italian pop songs | meloperadramatic | surgery | molto passione”

A bizarre, exciting, heartwarming and overall enjoyable piece of interactive fiction. Yet another Twine entry, it honestly needs to be read since my words can’t do it justice.

Curiosity, The Untold Story – Zoomyzoom

“The Curiosity Rover first moved on Mars on the 22nd of August 2012. Humanity rejoiced as our most advanced rover yet began to explore the Red Planet.

It’s mission: Find out if Mars could ever have supported life, and check radiation levels for a possible manned visit to Mars in the future.

This story is a lie.

What NASA didn’t tell you is that Aliens had visited Mars before, leaving all the humans they abducted on there. Sadly one of them was a zombie.

Now NASA has sent up the Curiosity, a mark IV Death Robot, with only one mission objective.


The author’s description is all that needs to be said. Enjoy.

That’s essentially all of the games I’ve enjoyed most so far, naturally I won’t have found all of the great games in this Ludum Dare! If you’ve actually read this far, I may as well shamelessly plug my own Twine game, found here.

Thanks to all the authors for making these games, and to the staff at Ludum Dare for organising all of this!

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  1. Barry Abrams says:

    I’ve checked out about 100 games so far too and I think it’s incredible that I’ve only played 2 of these games.

  2. BrothersT says:

    Thanks for the plug! It’s awesome to hear when someone likes your game but more awesome when they like it enough to tell others. Rob.

  3. matheod says:

    Wahou … I test the first game and … if first I was so existed, I fall into big deception. He use a library. For me there no inovation :-(

  4. TobiasNL says:

    Nice post man

  5. TobiasNL says:

    Mind to test my game out? (If you haven’t already played it, of course) I would appreciate it!:)


  6. braingale says:

    Thanks for checking out our game!


  7. Porpentine says:

    i appreciate your words very much :3

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