Wormelution – Post Mortem

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August 29th, 2012 2:02 am

Alright, time to do a little blog thingy about things that worked well and things that worked bad.

Play the Game


  • Love2D is awesome. Lua too. And all the libraries by vrld are the awesomest! (I couldn’t have made it without Hump and HardonCollider). It’s also awesome to know that the game will run on Windows too (I’m on a Mac and can’t check it)
  • PixelEffects in Love 0.8 work well and have a very good interface. I’m not sure if I like the special GLSL sauce, but it may be good for starters.
  • I had a good tool chain with a make script and very solid tools. My boilerplate project served me well!
  • I spend a lot of time polishing things up which gives the game a very finished look/feel. First I hated the music but now I kind of like it because it’s different than most other music I heard so far here.
  • I had hardly any graphic assets and build most of the visuals with shaders or creative blending. I hate making assets.
  • Less caffeine then last time, which results in less brain terror.


  • Next time I need to focus more on the game side. I’m more into exploring systems than creating games that are actually fun to play.
  • Study some math. I had one problem with trigonometry which almost had driven me crazy. I also think that the  DNA merging would have been better if I had more understanding of maths.
  • Last time I missed to build a level editor and spend a lot of time “trying things out”. This time I would have needed a testbed for the DNA stuff. At the end the version I shipped kinda breaks really fast (gets unbalanced).
  • Code Quality. This one is really a mess and at the end (when it was too late to refactor) I had to duplicate a lot of code which made my life hard.

I didn’t make a timelapse or something but I recorded 4 videos:

So yeah, over all it was super fun and I can’t wait for #25. I also might join the October Challenge and do something wit JavaScript. We’ll see!

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