Post Mortem – Primordial Pool

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August 29th, 2012 12:00 am

Well everyone else is, so I thought I should do a quick post-mortem of my game since I didn’t do any blogging during the compo!

This is purely from my perspective, might be totally different from that of the other half of our team!

What went well?

Knowing our tools

We were working on two laptops, both loaded with everything we needed, and both of us know pretty much exactly what we were doing, AS3 and flashdevelop just seem to work. The flashpunk library was also a big help as always! This helped us to spend no time messing about getting obscure tools to work, we just coded away.

Constant testing

Suppose this could be a downfall too, but we spent a lot of time actually playing the game ourselves, which meant there aren’t really any gameplay bugs… just little things we forgot that would’ve added to it, but don’t break it. Also, staying at Connor’s (the other half of the team) house with his young brother and friends let us have a good stream of playtesters.

What went wrong?

Difference of opinion on the idea

Personally, I was going for a simpler, arena survival thing, whereas my team mate wanted a more story based evolution which went through different arena phases, we eventually settled on simple survival arena due to the time, but we could’ve done a lot more if we’d been clear from the beginning I think.

Having a party the day before

Speaks for itself really… Saturday morning was a bit of a fun one!


But hey, the game turned out pretty well, and it’s the first LD that  I’ve actually finished a  game and entered, so yey me! 😀

Go play it here!

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