Post Mortem

August 29th, 2012 12:38 am

Figured I would give a quick post mortem about our game Obsolete Upgrade.

What Went Right

Well I was pretty happy with how quickly the idea came together, felt like we got a fairly unique idea put together

Art Work- Loved the art work that got done, I had to throw out some unfortunately. I will talk about that in a moment.

3d Models- It can be hard to quickly make 3d models that look semi decent. I was happy with how they came together.

Basic Gameplay- While we did not get everything in that we wanted too the gameplay, I felt, worked pretty well. There is tons of room for improvement but for the most part the game is playable.

What Went Wrong

Biggest thing that went wrong was the HUD. Artist put together a great health/evo gauge for the game. After getting it in the game I found out during the last day that the gauges would not work right because of how I had them programmed in. Bad programming on my part. After spending awhile trying to fix it I had to throw them out for some badly put together health bars at the top of the screen. I will be brushing up on my HUD programming skills

That darn collision dance. It’s possible in the game to hit the side of a platform and dance your way to the top. Still bugs me.

Level Design- This is not the best level designs I have done, might be listed under the worst. They get the job done but they seemed kind of bland to me. I would like to go back and really take some time to design out some great levels for it.

Toasters of death- Now I don’t really see this as going wrong. but some people seem to have a hard time getting past the toasters. They were not suppose to have the ability to jump on your head, that was a bug that got left in. Best thing to do is keep moving. Little pro tip. If you hit the keys just right you can roll backwards, letting you fire at incoming toasters.

What Did Not Get Added

There was more to this game that we really wanted to get put it. Main thing was more evolutionary stages. In the first write up of this game you would start as the PC on a skateboard and work your way up to a giant death bot built out of old electronic equipment. But we only got three done in time.

Various other map objects.

Boss Battles- Really wanted to add in some bosses to fight after around three stages. speaking of.

More Stages- The plan was to get 3 or 4 levels done. Got 2, oh well


All things considered I’m pretty happy with how things went. Next time there will be more planning, better huds, and no collision dancing.



One last thing, there is a cheat I forgot to take out of the version I submitted. Makes the levels way easier. Would like to see if anyone can find it


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