Postmortem: Complexitivity

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August 28th, 2012 9:46 pm

Try out the game by going here.

To tell the truth, development on the game went surprisingly smooth and fast compared to my last LD entry. It was as if everything clicked perfectly albeit the problems that arose.  Here’s my attempt at listing what went wrong and right with Complexitivity.

What went right:

  • Fun as the first priority – While art, sound and theme is important, it is the fun that sticks with the player most of the time even after they have finished playing.
  • Focused on gameplay – Because of this, I was able to squeeze out the most out of the gameplay. I’ve unearthed and fixed many problems early on.
  • Playtest early – Same as above. A lot of problems that needs fixing became more evident.
  • Gave equal attention to aesthetics – I feel that this helped increase the mood and ambience some more.
  • Jam instead of compo – This gave me a lot of time to work on the game with less pressure.
  • Name change – The previous name, “ILOVEYOU Virus” lost its novelty pretty quickly. “Complexitivity” sounds more suitable to the feel of the game.
  • A build for every platform – I wanted everyone to have a chance to play my game. For Linux, I tried the flash exporter which worked out great but with just a slight problem with the mouse.
  • Proper sleep and enough rest – In my last jam I only slept for a few hours which left me tired and frustrated most of the time. This time around, development was fast and smooth.
  • Inspiration and support – My girlfriend was there to support me the whole weekend. This gave a big boost to my morale and I was able to concentrate on my coding.
What went wrong:
  • Didn’t fix my broken source control repository – The absence of source control pressured me to be careful with my coding eventually slowing me down.
  • Focused on speed instead of cleanliness – If you would take a look at my source code, I bet you will scream in horror. It came to a point wherein I had to reread my code to be able to make sense of the logic and flow of the code.
  • Didn’t prepare needed tools – Since I didn’t have Blender installed, I resorted to making use of cubes instead of one-side billboards. Which, I believe, might have affected performance a bit.

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