Postmortem #2: Tools

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August 28th, 2012 7:28 pm

As it was my first Ludum Dare, I did not exactly use the tools I thought I’d use. Some weren’t used at all, some others not in the way I though it’d be used, etc.

  • Language: Haxe + Javascript
    Did not changed much, although I didn’t really use Haxe.
  • IDE: Sublime Text 2
    Really nice code editor, especially when you have to code for long hours (dark interface). Love the minimap too.
  • Graphics: Inkscape / Gimp / Wacom tablet
    Didn’t use my tablet at all. Only used Gimp for backgrounds, for a total of like 5 minutes. I started with pen drawing, then polygonal representation in code from those drawings, and then Inkscape for the sprites. Shouldn’t have. Should have done drawings -> sprites -> polygons, as explained in my postmortem.
  • Audio: LMMS / BFXR / Audacity
    I tried LMMS last week, it’s a great tool but I’m not ready to use it.. Didn’t like BFXR, so I didn’t use it either. As for Audacity, I used it to sync the enemies to the music Mathieu Hallouin made.. kinda unexpected use, but it helped!
    By the way, he did a really great job! Check out his LD#24 soundtrack, he worked on Prac Team‘s game too.
  • Libraries: None
    Didn’t use any library. I don’t like using jQuery and such when I only need like 5% of it.. But I think I’ll make my own game library for next LDs.
  • Timelapse: Chronolapse (?)
    Used chronolapse, and I kinda regret it. I’ll make my own LD-timelapse tool for next LDs. Timelapse video should be available soon by the way. I had to filter screenshots: even though I stopped chronolapse when I did real breaks, it still contained 30% of procrastination (games, facebook, watching lives, youtube, etc.)…
  • Coffee
    I didn’t sleep much, but I only drank like 5 mugs of coffee in 72 hours. On the other side, I drank so many liters of water that I couldn’t keep track! Water is great, even if you loose time going to the bathroom every 30 minutes xD

Overall, those tools were useful. But I’ll need more preparation for next Ludum Dare to do it the way I’d like. I suck at graphics and music, and as I want to compo I’ll have to train that. This time I had Mathieu Hallouin for the music and did not had much to draw, but I cannot continue like that.

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