Post Mortem: Adventurers Evolution – a family game

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August 28th, 2012 1:43 pm

PostMortem: Adventurers Evolution – a family game

Adventurers Evolution is my first Ludum Dare entry. I loved every minute of it and now during the rating still do. My game, Adventurers Evolution, is a little dedication to family life with some personal feelings and a request from my son in the mix.

Family matters

The main menu of Adventurers Evolution has a tree on it. I am not someone to make art, but I tried to draw a young tree. I have a young family. My son is 7 and my girl is 4 years old (maybe there will be pink ponies and purple kittens in a game at her request). So that is what the tree stands for.

Thijn, My Son

My son loves video games and he is just like me when I was his age. I am very proud of my son. What makes me so proud is he can do the basic things like reading, math and his vocal expression so much better then I could when I was his age. He exceeded me in many ways and I hope will do the same in years to come. So when he came to me a month ago with the request to make a game where he could kill zombies with a lightsaber, I promised to make a game where he could kill zombies. The lightsaber part I was not so sure of at the time. Now you know why there are zombies in Adventurers Evolution and the story behind it.


So the weird battle system of Adventurers Evolution, where must I begin. You walk around and there are zombies just standing. So, is there really a reason to fight? Yup, because zombies will go and eat your family. I just did not had time to program some AI. If I did try to write some AI, I would not had time to finish the game at all. I chosen to make a simple battle system. The formula is something like this: damage = defense – (attack + strength+(random with the max of 2)). All fights are till someone dies. The player can not win the game, so you will always die. That is not a bad thing, because your child will follow up. All you want to do is protect your family against the zombies and avenge your fallen dad. If you love your family, would you not die protecting them if there was no other way? My personal feelings tell me I would. Too bad I did not balance the game a bit more, because the zombies will pull your head off anyways now:-)

Dar for the win

“Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?” is a painting by Paul Gauguin. He was a French artist. The questions which make up the name of the painting are important to us. Evolution has influence on those questions, but also the path and role we choose for ourselves. Parents have great influence on their kids. That’s why I wanted the player to pick from 3 lovely ladies. Picking the wrong lady in the early generation can have an impact on later generations. Don’t you want your kids to have a better start then you did? I do.

What went wrong?

– Wife had her birthday, so my focus was not super.
– Kids monkeying around next to my ear. They just kept breaking my concentration. Lucky for me it was only a few hours on Saturday morning this happened. They were exciting for the party.
– Made new bugs because I rewrote code.
– Some bug in Action Script which made removing of a bitmap impossible.
– There was a bug with the zombies and it toke too long to fix it.
– WAV files converted to MP3 on the Mac did not work as expected. So I had to convert those on my PC.
– I really wanted battle output in the game, but all the above made me skip it.
– Next time I am using Dropbox instead of my email to get files from my Mac to my PC.
– I used a free version of FDT, so I can only do caveman debugging. I just really missed using breakpoints and stepping through code.

What went right?

_ I read the book of McFunkypants.
– All the tools were ready to go do their job. I tested all days before.
– Kept all things I am not good at simple, KISS!
– Took enough breaks and walked away from the mac.
– Eat well.
– Drink well.
– Slept well.
– Discard my first idea for the evolution theme, which I thought of the day before.
– Stick with the new idea and removed things I did not think to be necessary.
– Wrote a framework and used it as the base for the game.
– Used FDT to write the framework, because I never used FDT before. I just wanted an IDE to write AS3 code.
– Started with pen and paper.

I want to finish by thanking everyone who left a comment. I really like to have feedback on adventurers Evolution. I am not done with Adventurers Evolution, yet. If you have not played it: please do!

4 Responses to “Post Mortem: Adventurers Evolution – a family game”

  1. Please link your Dare entry for us!

  2. Thurig says:

    Weird, I placed the link a few times in the post, but did not show. Thank you ButtercupSaiyan for the reply:)

  3. Cake&Code says:

    I feel your pain about the wav -> mp3 fiasco. I had similar problems last Ludum Dare… I can’t wait to try your game out and congrats on finishing your first LD!!!

    I don’t know what FDT is but if you want a free AS3 IDE then FlashDevelop is a great option. It has all the good stuff you’d expect in an IDE and it’s free to use.

  4. Thurig says:

    I use Flashdevelop also when I am working windows. It is a great IDE for flash development. For the Mac I want a native IDE so I don’t have to use the bridge solution. Thank for the help!

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